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Old Toys: Your Hub for Playtime Nostalgia

Toy nostalgia is a powerful feeling. It can take you back to your childhood, to the days when toys were simpler and life was less complicated. If you’re looking for some great retro toy ideas, this is the place for you! We’ll talk about some of our favorite old toys from decades past: 50s Toys, 60s Toys, 70s Toys, 80s Toys. What are your all-time favorites?

Chances are, you’ll find at least some of them in the blog posts below.

1950s Toys

From cap guns to talkie dolls, the 1950s marked a new era in toys, when manufacturers targeted Baby Boomers with enticing, realistic, and high-quality baubles that would have blown minds in generations past.

1960s Toys

Following on the success of the 1950s, toy makers pushed forward with even more playtime innovations in the ’60s, raising expectations and introducing several toys that remain popular all these years later (Easy-Bake Ovens, Colorforms, etc.).

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1970s Toys

The 1970s saw an explosion the popularity of television and movies, with color sets in more households than ever and the summer blockbuster raising the bar on film earnings. Not surprisingly, toy makers wanted in on the action, and started pumping kids playrooms full of movie- and television-based trinkets: action figures, character lunch boxes, movie-themed games, and much more.

And, of course, there were tons of toys that had nothing to do with the old moving picture machines … goodie like Barbie stuff, the G.I. Joe universe, Spirographs, Lite Brite, Stretch Armstrong, and on and on and on.

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1980s Toys

The 1980s were righteous…bitchin’…gnarly…the basis for this entire website, in fact.

And 1980s toys fit right in, offering something for everyone — even your annoying little sticky-faced sister.

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1990s Toys

By the 1990s, toys had evolved into whiz-bang affairs that often featured circuitry and lights and sound, but plenty of the old standbys were still popular, either in their original form or updated for a new decade. What kid doesn’t love Hot Wheels cars or Monopoly, after all?

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Did you know that some old toys are worth good money, too? Here is a quick primer on some hot (but ancient) playthings from Good Housekeeping.

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