Vintage Baby Dolls of the 1970s: Groovy Little Mini-Me’s

The vintage baby dolls of the 1970s hold special memories for a children of the times. These days, kids may be more likely to play with iPads than dolls, that might just change if they got a gander at these iconic baby dolls from the Disco Decade.

Baby Sunbeam

Baby Sunbeam was made by Ideal Toy Company in 1971. The vinyl head and hands are very soft, and the limbs felt like fabric over a hard plastic form. She has molded hair that can be brushed or styled with baby oil to resemble different hairstyles. Her clothing is removable (except for her diaper) so she could wear any outfit.

Midge Molly

Sometimes called “Tiny Tears” or “Little Miss,” this doll was originally manufactured as a boy’s action figure but became popular among girls when the manufacturer realized its mistake. Midge Molly is an 18 inch doll, but her limbs are made of rubber and she has no facial expressions so you can’t tell if she’s happy or sad.

Timey Tell Dolls

Sometimes called “Tiny Time” and first released in 1974, this doll was manufactured by the Ideal Toy Company and was their attempt to offer a more affordable, less expensive alternative to Barbie dolls made of vinyl plastic with hard joints that were popular during this time period. The head is molded from soft rubber so she cannot turn her neck but can be positioned in a sitting or standing position. The doll’s limbs are made of vinyl plastic and her body is cloth with printed fabric clothing, so she has to be manipulated by the owner in order for it to look like she’s doing anything other than just standing there.

Cathy Quick Curl

Manufactured by the Whitman Manufacturing Company, Cathy Quick Curls was released in 1974 and was a doll with blonde hair that had curly bangs, blue eyes, red lips and white skin.

Cathy is still being made today (by another company). She has limited articulation but her arms can be moved up to an angle of approximately 180 degrees.

The only things unusual about Cathy Quick Curls are that her hair is not rooted and she has limited articulation.

Cissy Cuddlekin Dolls

Manufactured in the USA, these were a series of dolls with soft bodies made out of Velcro so you could dress them up in a variety of outfits. There were six dolls released, all with blonde hair and blue eyes: Francie (a girl), Cissy (a sister), Patience (an older cousin who was the original owner’s name for her doll) who had brown hair and wore glasses, Pansy (another sister), Lacy Lou, Denise. All of the dolls had molded vinyl heads.

Snuggles Dolls

These dolls were made of styrofoam with molded vinyl heads and arms. There were four dolls released: Snuggles, a girl; Dolly, a little sister; Bunnykins, an older sister who was the original owner’s name for her doll; Lulu Lou, another little sister.

Baby Alive

Baby Alive was created in 1971 and is still being made today. The doll has a weight inside it that makes “her” feel like a real baby, with an added heartbeat sound. She also comes with a bottle of water to feed her or put into the included diaper for potty training purposes.

Biffy Baby Beans

Biffy Baby Beans were released in 1975. They are small dolls that come with a feeding bottle for babies to have fun when play-acting as mothers and fathers.

Betsy Wetsy

Betsy Wetsy was a Mattel product, and she has been discontinued. She is made of vinyl over an unbendable wire frame with hands that can be manipulated into different positions to make them stop sucking their thumbs or give a peace sign. There were only two versions released in 1975 – one wearing blue baby clothes and the other red.

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