The Ultimate Rubik’s Cube Beginner Method in 6 Easy Steps

I remember well my first brush with the Ultimate Rubik’s Cube Beginner Method.

It happened during Christmas break in 1983.

I had scored a Rubik’s Cube from Santa Claus and struggled to solve it for nearly a full day.

That’s when my parents and I headed out to my grandparents’ house.

rubik's cube
Nothing about the Cube is simple.

There, I met up with my young-adult uncle, and he sensed my frustration immediately.

While the adults were pounding food and plotting their escape from the rat race, he took me into the back bedroom and revealed the secrets of the Cube.

Here is the exact Rubik’s Cube Beginner Method my uncle taught me that long-ago Christmas night, in step-by-step fashion

Mess Up Your Rubik’s Cube

You can’t really “solve” a Rubik’s Cube unless you mix up the colors a little.

I mean, sure, you could just take the thing out of its package and sit it on the shelf. Pretend you solved it.

But you’ll always know.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to royally screw up a Rubik’s Cube’s DNA .

Twist it a couple times.

Look at it sideways.

Sneeze near it.

Shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to erase all traces of factory condition.

rubiks cube messed up

Try to Solve the Rubik’s Cube

Now that you have your Cube all shook up, go ahead and try to solve it.

It’s a rite of passage that we all have to go through.

Get the hang of the thing by getting one color in place. It’ll get your hopes up and maybe inspire you.

You might be able to get two colors. I’ve seen it done.

That might stoke you, make you think you can get the whole thing. Go ahead and try.

Maybe you’ll succeed. If you do, proceed immediately to the 7-Eleven and buy some lottery tickets.

Throw the Rubik’s Cube at a Wall

OK, now that the early retirees have bowed out, I’ll assume you’re still reading because you failed to solve your Rubik’s Cube.

It’s frustrating, I know.

But what do you do when frustration overcomes you?

Right … you throw things.

In this case, you need to throw the Rubik’s Cube against the wall.

Depending on the wall, how hearty your arm is, and whether you have a real Rubik’s or a knockoff model, one of two things will happen .

If the Rubik’s Cube breaks open …

Put it back together — duh! — but put it together in the right order. You’ll be done.

In fact, this is the first method I used to solve a Rubik’s Cube, and it still works today.

Beware, though, because reassembly tends to loosen the thing, and others might be able to tell what you’ve done.

Still …


On the other hand, if the Rubik’s Cube stays intact after you bash it against the wall …

Remove All Rubik’s Cube Stickers

At this point, you’re going to have to undress your Cube if you want to get it back to a well-ordered state.

So …

Go ahead and remove all the stickers.

If you have a delicate touch and a real Rubik’s, you *may* be able to salvage the stickers.

You know, stick them to the fridge, with parts hanging over the edges so you can peel them off again later.

Could work, but I’ve never been successful doing this.

Assuming you glum this up, too, or don’t even want to try, your next step is to …

Buy New Rubik’s Cube Stickers

rubiks cube stickers

You have a naked Rubik’s Cube on your hand now, and you need to get it some new clothes.

There are a few options here.

You could steal the stickers off someone else’s Rubik’s, but that would be unethical and probably illegal.

And you’d have the same issue of how to rehabilitate the stickers as you would with your own Rubik’s stickers.

No, your most viable solution here is likely to just buy the stickers.

Go to a game store.

Check Hobby Lobby.

Hop over to eBay and type in something like, “cheating” or “Cube cheat” or “how to fool your friends.”

Or, you know, just “Rubik’s Cube stickers.”

You’ll find something.

Affix New Rubik’s Cube Stickers

You’ve come all this way, and victory is in sight.

Now, don’t screw it up.

All you have to do at this point in order to solve your Rubik’s Cube is open up your package of new stickers and affix them to your naked Cube.

A word of warning, though — make sure to put all the reds on one side, all the blues on another, all the greens on a third, etc.

Because, I can tell you right now, if you mix and match the colored stickers as you’re applying them, you’ll get nowhere.

Learn from my mistakes, and you’ll have mastered this ultimate Rubik’s Cube beginner method.

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