80s Batman Toys Packed a Gnarly Kapow!

Did you wake up this morning feeling dangerous? Do you feel like the Caped Crusader is calling your name? If so, then it’s time to get the Joker on the phone and dial up Chilren’s Palace on the party line! You may not be able to find these 80s batman toys in a store near you, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there … just waiting … in the shadows. They’re … Batman (toys)!

Toy Biz Batman Joker

Bam! Pow! Smack! This 80s Batman toy is the Joker’s evil twin and he comes with a squirting orchid.

And, OK, he’s not technically an evil twin because a) Joker is already evil and b) Toy Biz used blanks from Kenner’s earlier Super Powers line to make this one.

So, you know, more of a creepy twin.

Toy Biz Batman Batcave

So, what do you need to make your painted-over Kenner castoff figures complete and more, well, playable?

Why, a Batcave, of course!

Crunching as many features of the familiar television Batcave into toybox-sized area as possible, this Batcave featured a secret entrance, Batcomputer and a launching pad to send your Super Powers toy-figure into the skies.

Kenner Dark Knight Collection Batmobile

From a to z, Kenner’s Dark Knight Collection Batmobile was the ultimate 80s toy.

The car featured spring-loaded missile launchers that fired projectiles at any bad guys in your way. It also had a sliding roof and flip-up machine guns … and it shot fire from the tailpipe!

Plastic, slide-out fire, but still.

Kenner’s Batman Utility Belt

Nothing says 80s better than an accessory that doesn’t do anything! This belt is really just for show with no other function but carrying all those batarangs, shark repellent or grappling hooks you need to fight crime.

Kenner’s Batman and Robin Classic Action Figures

No 80s toy list is complete without the Holy Trinity of Tim Burton-era Batman toys: The Caped Crusader, his ever loyal sidekick (although he also had a thing for Batgirl) and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in full Batsuit.

These guys were the coolest toys of their time and for 80s kids, they’ll always be the best Batman action figures ever! Imagine you get a package delivered to your house (yeah it’s from Kenner) that contains Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in full Batsuit with his utility belt and batarangs, an 80s-era Robin who had a brown cloth cape and yellow utility belt, and an 80s Batman with his bat symbol on the chest armor. You’re psyched!

Ertl Die-Cast Batman Vehicles

If you had 80s Batman, you also needed 80s Batmobile – the perfect vehicle for chasing down The Joker in. It was big (in a Hot Wheels-Matchbox sorta way) and chunky with real rubber(ish) tires to make it feel like a toy car that could actually drive on grass!

It wasn’t the Batman-based card in the Ertl line, either, as the company also regaled us with a Batwing and Joker’s Van baubles.

Why, in the space of a checker board, you could play out just about any scenario you wanted!

You know, as long as it involved the Batmobile … the Batwing … and Joker’s Van.

Otherwise, no limit

Topps Candy Heads

These were pretty much what they sound like …

Heads … made by Topps … filled with candy.

Ah, but not just any heads!

No siree!

Topps gave us sugar-filled heads of both Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker!

The 80s Batman Movie Heads were a set of 24 heads made up of 12 Michael Keaton and Bruce Wayne, and 12 Jack Nicholson. (There was also an 80s Robin Head).

So, just as they had done with their baseball cards for decades, and just as they did with their Star Wars candy heads, Topps sucked in more kid fans with their Batman-themed confections.

They are, after all “The Real One”!

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