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70s Boys Toys: A Time Machine to a Different Era

If you were a kid during the Disco Decade, you surely remember these iconic playthings, even if you were a girl. And, whether you played with them back then or not, just about any oldster is sure to get a kick out of revisiting these classic 70s boys toys today.

Electric Football Game

Even today, the buzz is unmistakable! This was the electric chair of “board” games, featuring 22 diminutive figures jittering around on a metal sheet while a motor buzzed from underneath. The football was a tiny hunk of brown foam rubber, and “tackles” were made by contact between two player bases. Just line them up … turn it on … hope for the best … and watch the chaos unfold.

Big Wheel

For the kid who wanted to be big, fast and cool … a hot-rod with no speed restrictions! The Big Wheel was like having your very own lowrider. Even when you graduated to a bicycle, you still tried to squeeze in to your Big Wheel for as long as possible, because nothing was cooler. Except maybe …

The Green Machine

This was the ultimate in 70s toy motoring, a green plastic monster on wheels that could chew up anything you threw at it. The Green Machine had an adjustable driver’s seat, pedals waayyyy down there, and levers to control the steering. And, as the ads said … it was mean!

Stretch Armstrong

Stretch was one of the most popular toys in America, and it became a household name after its original release. Though he’s not as prevalent now, this stretchy friend is still being produced by Hasbro. Stretch Armstrong has been featured on Saturday Night Live, South Park and The Simpsons; he even made an appearance at the 2009 Academy Awards.

Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle

It was all the rage to pretend you were Evel Knievel, jumping over cars and buses. But this cycle didn’t just sit on your dresser – it really worked! It had a front suspension with springs so that when kids jumped off bunk beds or even stairs, they weren’t met with an upsettingly jarring bump


The Slinky was originally conceived as a stabilizer for on-board naval equipment in 1943, but it found its true calling as the world’s most famous toy. Its design is so basic that even those without engineering degrees can understand how to make one

Steve Austin – The Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure

From the television show of the same name, this action figure was a 12-inch version of Steve Austin’s bionic likeness. Along with his inherent strength and speed, he also featured “bioelectric” abilities that allowed him to see long distances, hear sounds that were too quiet for normal humans to detect, and demonstrate superhuman strength.

Mattel Electronic Football

A handheld, battery-powered game that simulated a football match. Players would press buttons on the top of the device to make their teams move up and down the field and try to score points by getting the ball into one of two goals.

Hot Wheels

These toy cars are still on the market today. They’re popular among collectors because of their wide variety of styles and colors.

Matchbox Cars

These miniature toy vehicles came in a variety of styles, were very popular among collectors. They also made great stocking-stuffers!

Radio Flyer Wagon

This American icon featured steel construction with rubber tires and handlebars for steering. It was advertised as being able to hold up to 150 pounds (about 70 kg).

Fisher-Price Choo-Choo

The Fisher Price Train set was constructed with a track that ran around the perimeter of an oval. The train cars could be pushed or pulled on their individual tracks, and there were also specific stations for loading and unloading passengers.

Pong Video Game

The game was played by two players using an arrangement of black and white panels that would light up to indicate where the ball should be hit. It became a worldwide sensation in 1976, but it’s been mostly replaced with newer technologies like video games on smartphones.

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