10 Popular 70s Baby Toys That Still Make Your Gums Ache

If you were born in the Disco Decade, these 70s baby toys may not mean a lot to you — after all, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t even remember them. But you’ll never get a better look into your playtime roots than these classics that you just know kept you busy for hours while you were drooling all over yourself.

The Roly Poly

The first of these 70s baby toys was this all-time favorite, the roly poly. You know, that toy with a bell inside which would ring when you pushed it down and made it roll? It’s not exactly rocket science as to why kids loved them so much — but what they didn’t love just as often were their parents cleaning up broken pieces everywhere!

Hoppity Hop Horse

This is another one of those classic 70s baby toys that never really goes out of style. Kids always enjoy playing horsey, making believe they’re riding in here somewhere (or maybe on purpose because horses are even more fun than cars?), or galloping around the living room for hours on end until they were so tired they couldn’t stand anymore.

Leap Frog

This 70s baby toy was one of those classics that never really reached the same level of popularity as some others, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless because if you had a toddler back then there is no way he or she didn’t have this at least once! The Leap Frog has been around since 1967 (which just goes to show how timeless its appeal really is) and features five simple learning games: Alphabet Soup, Tic-Tac-Toe, Simon Says!, Monkey See…Monkey Do!, and Nursery Rhymes. It also teaches about shapes and colors while providing reinforcement for numbers from one to ten — which makes it great for all types of kids!

Kiddie Rides

The Kiddie Ride toys are an interesting 70s baby toy because there were SO many of them. Mattel came out with their own version called Roller Rocker and Fisher Price made theirs too (called Little Tykes). There were others from companies like Marx as well, all of which had different names for their versions. But what these kids’ ride on cars have in common is how much fun they were!

Fisher Price Corn Popper

The Fisher Price Corn Popper was one of many 70s baby toys. It’s still being made today, but there are so many different versions now that it may be hard to find the original! This toy could make your gums ache with all those little kernels popping around in your mouth. Another popular first toy for babies were blocks like

Busy Box

The Busy Box, made by the Fisher Price company was a popular 70s baby toy. This box had so many different things for babies to do with it- they could play in and on top of it, underneath it… It also had buttons that would make fun music come out!

Musical Busy Koo Koo Koo

Another one of the most popular 70s baby toys was this musical busy koo koo koo from Fisher Price. This toy, like so many others at that time were made to teach babies shapes and colors! It had buttons on it for each shape and color with different sounds- a triangle would play “dum de dum” and a red circle would play “dum de dum”.

Mattel Roller Rocker

Mattel’s Roller Rocker was a popular 70s baby toy because it allowed babies to rock themselves back and forth while playing with toys, or just laying there!

Carson’s Infant Play Stand

The Carson’s Infant Play Stand is another one of the most popular 70s baby toys. This stand had little animals on it that would move when you pushed a button. The child can also work on their sitting skills by holding onto the stand and pushing it around!

Three Men in a Tub

The 70s saw a lot of bath toys that were used in the tub, but Three Men In A Tub was one of the most popular. This toy has three little men on it who will move around when you push down on their heads!

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