Vintage Baby Dolls of the 1990s: They’re HOW Old??

It’s a cruel fact of fate and time that the very last pieces of *anything* manufactured in the 1990s are now well over 20 years old. So, yes, Virginia, that does mean that these vintage baby dolls of the 1990s are indeed just that — vintage. So grab your bottle of Geritol, sit back in your BarcaLounger, and read ’em and weep.

Baby Alive: Baby’s First Years

Has a bottle that looks like milk from the 1990s. Doll cannot walk or drink her bottle, but she can potty through an opening in her backside with just one push of a button on her stomach to activate it. Needs batteries to work.

Rollerblade Baby

This doll is in a sitting position and wears roller skates on her feet, until you stand her up. Then, she’s in a standing position with roller skates (blades, actually) on her feet. It’s amazing and astounding and fairly creepy.

Baby Alive: Baby’s Magical Nursery

Has an interactive nursery where the child can change her diaper, feed her milk by pushing down on the bottle with their finger or thumb, hear four different lullabies, and watch her toddler dance along with the music.

Cabbage Patch Kids

A 1980s holdover, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are still being produced. The dolls come with a birth certificate and adoption papers, so you can adopt your doll like an actual child.

Mimi the Mermaid Baby Doll

Features real hair and deep, blue eyes. Mimi wears a pink tutu with matching flower petal earrings for an elegant look. The doll is 13 inches tall and comes in the original box.

Baby Alive: Baby’s Newborn

Needs batteries to work like the 1992 version, but she has a pacifier that lights up when you feed her and can on it herself without any help from the user. Her bottle also looks more realistic than “Baby’s First Years.”

My Pretty Ballerina

A more vintage look, My Pretty Ballerina is as beautiful and well-made now as she was in the 1990s. The doll is 18 inches tall with a very realistic face that looks like an angelic baby girl.

Sally Secrets Doll

Sally is an 18-inch doll with a pretty face and curly hair. She was made for little girls to play dress up because she has three different outfits: one that’s casual, one that’s formal, and another in between the two.

L’il Miss Dolls

L’il Miss Dolls are a set of three dolls that come with the same clothes so you can dress them up and switch between which doll is wearing what outfit. They’re all 18 inches tall and have a sweet face.

PJ Sparkles

PJ Sparkles is a lively, 18-inch doll with fashion sense and attitude. She’s always up to no good and has three different outfits: one for the playground, one for school, and another more formal outfit.

Magic Nursery Dolls

The Magic Nursery Dolls are a set of six 18-inch dolls with different skin tones. Each one has five pieces of clothing and their own story book that helps kids learn about diversity in the world around them.

The Baby Doll Nursery

Featured in the 1990s, this nursery included vintage baby dolls of that time period as well as furniture for an interactive play area. It was created by Fisher-Price with help from children’s experts to create a realistic environment where girls could pretend they were caring for their own dolls.

This set includes a vintage baby doll and play space with furniture, including the cribs where her babies could sleep. It also included accessories like diapers, feeding bottles, clothes baskets, three adorable stuffed animals (a rabbit with floppy ears!), music boxes that played lullabies or nursery rhymes when opened up—and of course, a mommy doll.

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