13 Essential 1980s Ghostbusters Toys to Satisfy Your Inner Gatekeeper

What is your favorite 1980s Ghostbusters toy? If your answer doesn’t include “Slimer” or “Stay Puft” then we could probably never truly be friends, but that’s the beauty of these ghastly baubles — who needs friends when you have these ten gnarly Ghostbusters toys from the 80s to keep you company? Or is that, to haunt your dreams??

Kenner Ghostbusters Slimer Action Figure

The first and most important: Slimer! The green, gooey ghost who haunts the Sedgewick Hotel is captured in all his glory with this Kenner action figure from 1984. This particular toy was a mail-away item that could be obtained by sending in three proof of purchase seals to Kenner’s customer service department — which means this is one of the rarest licensed toys from 1984, and also a perfect representation of Slimer’s gooey origins.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Squeeze Doll

It’s not a complete 1980s Ghostbusters toy list without Stay Puft, is it? This little guy was sold in stores and came with his own marshmallow fluff. He would also squish down when squeezed, which makes him the perfect companion for any home alone evening!

Ecto-Plazm Mini Ghost Zone Playset

Likewise, the 1980s Ghostbusters toy list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Ecto-Plazm Ghost Zone Playset, which was released in 1986. This playset included four mini ghosts and two action figures: Peter Venkman and Slimer!

“Ghostbusters” Monopoly Game

In this 1980s board game based on the popular franchise, players must collect money in order to purchase properties and avoid an unhappy ending of going bankrupt via Ghost Jail or Stay-Puft Prisons!

Ghostbusters Action Figure Pack

If your favorite thing about the story of the Ghostbusters is how they dress, then you’ll love this pack containing all four members and their proton packs!

Ghostbusters II Action Figure Pack

This toy set includes a quartet from the second film in the 1980s franchise: Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman.

“The Real Ghostbusters” Proton Pack and Ghost Trap with Voice Chip

Released in 1989, this was one of those toys that really helped us believe we were fighting alongside the real guys.

Ecto Goggles

A must have for any diehard fan, these goggles are perfect to use on Halloween night while going trick or treating so you can spot ghouls lurking around town before they get to your house.

Also try wearing them when watching Slimer slip n slide over slime from the movie.

Ghostbusters Fire House Headquarters Playset

While this toy was a little pricey for most of us as kids, the size and realism made it worth every dime.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toy Car

This toy car was the ultimate accessory for a kid who loved to pretend he was driving around with his own personal ghostbusters.

Released in 1987, this toy is instantly recognizable by any 80s kids and really made it seem like you were part of the team.

Ghostbusters Cereal Boxes and Figures

Whether you were into cereal or not as a kid, these Ghostbusters boxes are one of those items that everyone had in their collection because they came with cool collectible figures like Slimer.

Ghostbusters Slimer Throw Toy – Stretchy Face Edition

This was a toy that always seemed to be on the top of everyone’s Christmas list.

Released in 1984, this toy would stretch his face and release ghostly slime when you tugged on him!

Ghostbusters Battle Damage Playset

This playset was released in 1984 and would have been a great addition to any Ghostbuster’s toy collection.

It includes interior stairwells, trap doors, chutes with slime that can be dumped into the basement on unsuspecting victims below, as well as special effects like sparking lights! It also comes complete with Ecto Goggles so that you can see the ghosts!

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