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What Was the Monster from Goonies Called?

The monster from Goonies was called Sloth, who was actually the deformed youngest brother of the Fratelli crime family.

In the movie, The Goonies, Chunk is captured by the Fratellis after the the group of kids find — and follow — a tunnel leading into the earth. The bad guys lock up Chunk with Sloth, who eventually befriends the chubby youngster and helps them both escape … and go to police.

Former Oakland Raiders defensive end John Matuszak played the role of Sloth.

Here are some other tidbits about Sloth you definitely need to know…

Why was Sloth deformed?

Sloth was deformed due to being dropped as a baby by his mother. He has a misshapen face and body as a result of this accident. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is actually kind-hearted.

What does Sloth say in The Goonies?

Some of Sloth’s most memorable lines in The Goonies include “Hey you guys!” and “Baby Ruth?” He has limited verbal skills but communicates through simple phrases. Sloth helps the Goonies escape the Fratellis and ultimately reunites with his family.

How old was John Matuszak in Goonies?

John Matuszak was 39 years old when he played Sloth in The Goonies. He was an NFL football player before pursuing an acting career. Despite Sloth’s childlike nature in the film, Matuszak was able to portray him believably at his mature age.

What does Chunk say when Sloth kisses him?

When Sloth kisses Chunk out of happiness, Chunk exclaims “Aaahhh! He’s tasting me!” This line illustrates how shocked and dismayed Chunk is by Sloth’s sloppy kiss. However, it also shows how innocent Sloth’s intentions are.

What candy bar did Chunk share with Sloth?

When Chunk first encounters Sloth in The Goonies, he nervously offers Sloth a Baby Ruth candy bar as a peace offering. Sloth excitedly takes the chocolate bar, unwraps it, and devours it in one bite. From then on, the mention of “Baby Ruth” becomes a trigger phrase that captures Sloth’s attention. The sharing of the candy bar marks the beginning of an unlikely friendship between Chunk and Sloth that develops throughout the film. Their bond highlights Sloth’s childlike innocence and Chunk’s compassion, despite Sloth’s intimidating appearance. The Baby Ruth candy bar plays a small but memorable role in starting the relationship between these two mismatched characters.

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