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‘Family Guy’ Halloween Episodes List: Terrifyingly Inappropriate

The full Family Guy Halloween episodes list below will make you question your life view.

Are you scared of watching inappropriate TV cartoons?

Or do you find it inappropriate for TV cartoons to try and scare you?

Either way, these Family Guy Halloween episodes are sure to check all your boxes … and leaving you rolling in the autumn laughs.

Enjoy … and try to check your hurt butt at the door.

Here’s the full Family Guy Halloween episodes list …

Death Lives – Season 3, Episode 6

On Halloween night, Peter gets into a car accident and Death gets injured. As compensation, Death allows Peter to be alive for one more day. Peter takes advantage of this and spends the next day partying and living recklessly, angering Death.

The next morning, Peter realizes he wants to use his extra time to make amends. He tries apologizing to Lois but she won’t accept it. Peter then attempts to make peace with Death but only makes him angrier.

Finally, Peter decides to spend his last moments with his family. But when Death comes for him, the family stands up to Death and convinces him to allow Peter to live. Death agrees, but warns Peter he’ll return one day when he least expects it.

Petergeist – Season 4, Episode 26

Peter decides to build a home theater system in the backyard and digs up a skull. This disturbs an Indian burial ground and a poltergeist starts haunting the Griffin’s home. Strange events start happening, like Stewie being flung around the room by a ghost.

The family calls in ghost hunters to investigate. They determine an Indian spirit wants them to return the skull. After giving back the skull, the poltergeist leaves, but other anomalies like pipes bursting still continue.

Peter realizes their TV remote is still busted and figures the spirit won’t rest until all electronics work again. After fixing the devices, the chaos finally stops. Peter then destroys the pipes again to undo the plumbing repairs he did.

And Then There Were Fewer – Season 9, Episode 1

The Griffins are invited to a mansion on an island by Lois’s rich relative Priscilla. Other residents of Quahog are there as well including Mayor West, Dr. Hartman, and Diane Simmons. During dinner, James Woods reveals Priscilla’s husband Derek Wilcox is dead.

A murder mystery unfolds with more guests getting killed off one-by-one. The group tries to determine who the murderer is. More secrets come out about Priscilla and Derek’s rocky relationship. Eventually Lois discovers Priscilla killed her husband for his money before committing suicide.

Halloween on Spooner Street – Season 9, Episode 4

Peter and Joe compete to see who can create the best Halloween decorations on Spooner Street. Peter creates elaborate decorations featuring Star Wars characters to attract kids. Joe makes a scary, realistic haunted house display featuring horrors like an electric chair.

On Halloween night, kids are too scared by Joe’s decorations to trick or treat at Peter’s house. Peter starts sabotaging Joe’s display to make it less scary. Their rivalry ruins the holiday for their neighborhood. Finally, Peter and Joe decide to work together on one big haunted house.

Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q – Season 10, Episode 3

When Quagmire’s sister Brenda and her boyfriend Jeff arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, the family realizes Jeff abuses Brenda. Lois tries to convince Brenda to leave Jeff, but she refuses to listen.

Peter, Joe, and Quagmire plot to dress up like hookers to lure Jeff away from Brenda. But their plan backfires and Brenda is left alone with Jeff, who viciously beats her. She finally realizes she must leave him.

Jeff arrives during dinner to take Brenda back, leading to a fight. But Brenda stands up to Jeff and says she is pressing charges against him, before hitting him with a baseball bat.

Peternormal Activity – Season 14, Episode 4

The Griffins’ house begins experiencing strange paranormal activity, like items being moved around. Peter tries setting up cameras to capture any supernatural occurrences. The footage shows some chairs stacking themselves, leading Peter to think their house is haunted.

Peter brings in psychic Oda Mae Brown to investigate. She communicates with the ghost who turns out to be Peter’s deceased pet cat Mr. Pewterschmidt. Stewie translates what the cat spirit says – that he wants his ashes flushed down the toilet per his final wishes.

Peter finally flushes the cat’s ashes, allowing Mr. Pewterschmidt’s spirit to move on and stopping the paranormal activity. Peter then immediately flushes several dead family members’ ashes.

V is for Mystery – Season 16, Episode 13

Stewie and Brian are inspired by author R.L. Stine to become detectives. They investigate when Peter’s boss Angela disappears after promoting him. Brian suspects foul play by Peter while Stewie insists they follow clues.

The clues lead them to Mort, who reveals Peter accidental killed Angela while showing off a dynamite trick. Peter hid her body in a milk fridge set to be launched into space. Stewie and Brian race to the launch site but are too late to stop it.

They decide not to tell anyone to avoid getting Peter fired. But Peter eventually confesses the truth to her husband who thanks him for getting rid of her.

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