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10 Gnarly Ornaments for the Ultimate 1980s Christmas Tree

Christmas in the 1980s was all about over-the-top decorations, bright colors, and bringing the party vibes. As we decorate this year, let’s take inspiration from the totally awesome era with these 10 nostalgic ornaments perfect for an epic 1980s Christmas tree. From Rubik’s cubes to roller skates, these ornaments will take you on a blast from the past. Decorate your tree with several of each ornament variation for full 1980s impact. With these radical retro ornaments, your Christmas will be tubular.

Rubik’s Cube

What epitomizes the 1980s more than the Rubik’s cube? This 3D puzzle cube swept the nation and became an iconic symbol of the 1980s. Rubik’s cube ornaments come in a variety of colors and sizes. Look for glittery and neon variations for the most retro look. Use ribbon to hang cubes from different areas of the tree for a cool floating cube effect.

Roller Skates

Roller skating reached peak popularity in the disco heyday of the late 1970s then rolled straight through the ’80s. Roller skate ornaments are a fun and funky way to decorate. Look for skates in bright colors like hot pink, electric blue, and acid wash. For extra nostalgia, choose skates in a classic white boot style. Skates made from glitter, sequins, or metallics add flashy style. Hang pairs of skates side-by-side for a dynamic look.


The ’80s boombox blasted all the latest hits from pop, rock, and early hip hop. Bring back memories of breakdancing with a retro radio ornament. Look for highly-detailed models in silver or bright colors popping with old school flair. For a cool effect, decorate mini Christmas trees with boombox ornaments in different colors and place them around the room.

Pac Man Game

The iconic Pac Man arcade game had kids and adults glued to screens in the 1980s. Pac Man ornament versions allow you to bring this favorite retro game to the Christmas tree. Look for glossy yellow Pac Man figures being chased by colorful little ghosts. For more nostalgia, find ornaments with a pixelated graphic print of the classic Pac Man maze and game screen. Hang Pac Man ornaments near yellow ball ornaments along the tree for a fun visual effect.

Care Bear 

Fun, friendly Care Bears were wildly popular plush characters in the 1980s. Care Bear ornaments let you include these lovable bears on your holiday decorating. Look for glossy plastic or glass ornaments featuring Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, and other colorful characters. Enjoy the nostalgia trip down memory lane as you spot each unique Care Bear face. For extra Christmas spirit, look for bears in Santa hats, scarves, and other festive gear.

Mixed Tape Cassette

The mixed tape was the ultimate way to share music with friends and crushes in the days before Spotify. Bring back memories of exchanging these personalized cassette tapes with a miniature ornament version. Look for colorful plastic cassettes with little rolls of ribbon tape inside. For a thoughtful gift, find a customizable cassette ornament you can personalize with a name. Use glitter tape and confetti inside a clear ornament for a fun DIY version.

Caboodle Makeup Case

The pastel plastic Caboodle was the cool 1980s way for teens to store makeup and beauty products. The iconic cases with a flip-up lid and pull-out trays can now be miniaturized into super cute Christmas ornaments. Look for caboodle ornaments in bright neon shades like hot pink, electric blue, purple, and more. Tiny compartments can hold extra mini ornaments. For a crafty option, decorate plain wooden boxes with glitter, gems, and ’80s fabric to create custom caboodle ornaments. 


Scrunchies were the ultimate ’80s hair accessory, available in every color and pattern under the sun. Bring these playful ponytail holders to the tree with scrunchie-shaped ornaments. Look for satiny fabrics in bright, saturated colors and metallics for flawless ’80s style. Plaid scrunchies will transport you right back to the ’80s with a Clueless vibe. Scrunchies make great DIY ornaments too – simply take real scrunchies, attach a loop of ribbon, and tie them to branches for instant ’80s flair.

Friendship Bracelets

Intricately knotted embroidery floss friendship bracelets defined tween style in the 1980s. Relive camp memories and school day fun with miniature bracelet ornaments. Search for neon and pastel bracelets tied onto clear balls. Create DIY versions by tying floss or craft string around plastic beads and ornaments. Display sets of three matching bracelets together for a super cute pop of color. These sweet charms will remind you of all your very best friends from the tubular decade. 


Bold, bright, saturated neon colors dominated ’80s style. Bring back the electric, energy of the ’80s with neon ornament accents. Look for glossy ornaments in splashy neon pink, green, orange and yellow. Clear or white ornaments painted with neon colors, glitter and nail polish also have a rad retro vibe. For an intense neon explosion, saturate one section of the tree in multiple neon shades. The vivid intensity will really energize your holiday decor.

With these 10 nostalgic ornaments, your Christmas tree will be totally transformed into an ’80s wonderland. Hang multiples of each ornament for bold visual impact. Mix and match neon colors for an electrifying display. Roll on over to the tree again and again to admire these historical throwback ornaments sure to launch you into an ’80s time warp. Break out some new wave tunes, moonwalk across the room, and get ready to ring in the most bodacious Christmas ever. It will be radical, gnarly, and far out! 

With your epic 1980s ornament collection, this Christmas will be the ultimate trip back in time. So bust out the hairspray and legwarmers and make this holiday season the perfect chance for an ’80s Christmas throwback celebrating this unforgettable decade.

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