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Flip Wilson Doll Easy on That String

What was the Flip Wilson doll?

The Flip Wilson doll from the 1970s was a toy made in the likeness of the American comedian and actor Flip Wilson, who was popular at the time for his television show “The Flip Wilson Show.”

What did the Flip Wilson Doll look like?

The Flip Wilson was a two sided stuffed doll and was modeled after the comedian and his alter ego Geraldine Jones. On one side, the doll was Geraldine and Flip could be found on the other side.

What does the Flip Wilson Doll do?

The doll has two talking characters in one doll by just pulling the talking ring. It uses Flip Wilson’s real voice, with ten random sayings and no batteries needed.

Examples of what the Flip Wilson Doll says?

*”Easy on that string. I’m only going to tell you one more time.”
*”Don’t trust me? You don’t know me that well.”
*”What you see is what you get, Honey!”
*”The devil made me buy my dress.”

Who created the Flip Wilson Doll?

The creator or manufacturer of the Flip Wilson doll was Shindana Toys a division of Bootstrap, Inc.

Is the Flip Wilson Doll collectable?

The Flip Wilson Doll is not sold new but is available through vintage toy sellers or on the secondary marketplaces, like eBay. It sells for about $25-50 depending on the if the doll still talks and has its original box.

Flip Wilson Doll

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