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90s Fall Fashion: 25 Cozy Old-School Styles

There’s nothing quite like a run through 90s fall fashion to make you feel like a kid again.

Or, if you’re still a kid or a young adult and never experienced that glorious decade. Well, sorry.

But this spectacular slideshow will make you all cozy, warm, toasty, and reminiscent — whether you were there or not.

Behold, the amazing, fuzzy 90s fall fashion that you’ll never forget.

McDreamy is ready for a smoking night on the town in his trench coat and plaid trousers.

Courteney Cox won’t let the autumn chill get in the way of flashing her gams. Besides, the leather jacket will keep her warm up top

Jen & Brad have plenty of room to bust a move in those old-school baggy pants.

The hair! The sweaters! The hand gestures! These 1990s guys are ready for fall, no doubt about it.

Cindy Crawford won’t leave any fingerprints on the pumpkins this fall.

Coffee, jeans, boots, scarves, and autumn coziness never go out of style.

These 1990s sunglasses protected pretty eyes from the blazing fall sunshine.

Earmuffs are required when you’re backed up to a cold stone wall on a chilly fall day.

Hopefully Johnny Depp was a little more excited about the 1990s fall night than he let on with his expression.

Fran Drescher had “The Nanny” — and the kitchen — looking spiffy for fall.

What’s black and blonde and red? Drew Barrymore in the fall!

Is that a snake on the ground, or are you just happy to see some 90s fall fashion?

Do you think she has a frog or an acorn in her fall plaid jacket pocket?

It’s the 2-headed 1990s fall fashion monster, just in time for Halloween!

Time for a fall jog, 1990s style.

Drew Barrymore is not impressed with your take on 1990s fall fashion.

90s fall fashion was not above a little sensory overload.

Fran Drescher had “The Nanny” — and the kitchen — looking spiffy for fall.

So, what was your favorite bit of 90s fall fashion? Did you drool over the style whipped out on old TV shows from the 90s?

Or did you go your own way? Let me know in the comments!

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