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10 Vintage Halloween Posters to Rattle Your Old Bones

Do you find yourself thinking about vintage Halloween posters on cold, dark nights when the fall wind howls and unseen somethings scurry across the nape of your neck?

You know the ones — they hung in your room, or your friend’s room, or in your classroom, teasing you with the thrills and chills of creepy ghoulies who weren’t really real … or were they?

These were the physical embodiment of your fertile imagination, where your nightmares dared to drip out onto the page. And where you dared to hang them on your walls.

Buckle up, and stroll once again through this night gallery of vintage Halloween posters … if you dare!

Don’t you have to be a ghost to operate a truly successful haunted house??

AKA, that time Ebenezer Scrooge embraced his inner creep.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble — isn’t Gargamel lurking around here somewhere?

Yeah, it’s scary, but would a wall full of YOUR relatives look much better?

Sure, she looks sweet, but I wouldn’t trust any candy Barbie hands out. Especially this year.

This vintage Halloween poster from Brach’s candy is further proof that it should be Halloween all year long.

Good luck getting that mask on that wiener, lady.

The perfect embodiment of an enchanted 1970s and 1980s childhood.

What’s the scariest part of this vintage Halloween poster? Probably that the cat looks annoyed — no one wants to cross a pissed-off feline!

The Munsters continue to defy the undead boundaries. Do monsters really want or need root beer?

Halloween Ghost Show at 12 midnight, huh? Sounds like another Great Pumpkin fiasco to me!

Don’t you have to be a ghost to operate a truly successful haunted house??

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