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The Herculoids FAQ

The Herculoids is one of the great but forgotten 80s cartoons. Here is everything you need to know about this hidden gem of a classic.

What is “The Herculoids”?

“The Herculoids” is an animated science fiction television series that aired in the 1960s. It follows the adventures of a group of alien creatures who protect their home planet, Amzot, from various threats.

Who are the main characters in “The Herculoids”?

The main characters in “The Herculoids” are Zandor, Tara, Dorno, and their alien creatures, Igoo, Tundro, and Gloop and Gleep. Zandor is the leader of the group, Tara is his wife, and Dorno is their son. Igoo is a rock-like creature, Tundro is a triceratops-like creature with powerful horns, and Gloop and Gleep are blob-like creatures who can stretch and shape shift.

What is the plot of “The Herculoids”?

The Herculoids defend their home planet, Amzot, from various threats, including alien invaders, robots, and monsters. They use their unique abilities and gadgets to fight their enemies and protect their home.

Who created “The Herculoids”?

“The Herculoids” was created by Alex Toth, a prolific cartoonist and animator who worked on many popular animated series in the 1960s and 1970s.

How many episodes of “The Herculoids” were made?

There were 17 episodes of “The Herculoids” that aired between 1967 and 1969.

Where can I watch “The Herculoids”?

“The Herculoids” is available to stream on various platforms, including Hulu and Boomerang. It may also be available to purchase or rent on platforms such as Amazon Video and Google Play.

Is “The Herculoids” suitable for children?

“The Herculoids” is an action-adventure animated series that may be suitable for older children and teenagers. It contains some violence and potentially scary moments, so parents may want to preview the show before allowing younger children to watch it.

Was “The Herculoids” popular when it aired?

“The Herculoids” was popular when it aired in the 1960s, but it has since gained a cult following among fans of classic animated series.

Is “The Herculoids” related to any other media franchises?

“The Herculoids” is not directly related to any other media franchises, but it has inspired various spin-off media such as comics and toys.

What other works is Alex Toth known for?

In addition to “The Herculoids,” Alex Toth is known for his work on many other popular animated series, including “Space Ghost,” “The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure,” and “Birdman and the Galaxy Trio.”

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