7 Dudes Who Made Mullets in the 80s Almost Seem Cool

Once upon a time there was this haircut that every mother hated but everyone wanted. It was all business in the front, and all party in the back … yep, mullets in the 80s were as bitchin’ as parachute pants and Ferris Bueller.

Nobody knows why it was popular but I suspect it was because it could give the visual illusion, at least from the front, that you had a clean cut haircut. Can all the 80s moms say, “Bodacious“?

In the back it had a variety of lengths that ran from just a hint of bad boy length to ridiculously long. The great part of long hair in the back is that you could put it into a low ponytail and tuck it into the back of your shirt. You know, for when your mom’s friends come over. Gag. (You might also use this sort of mullet for gagging an unwanted friend.)

moms friends

But everyone knew that you were never going to tuck that beautiful mullet hair. It would be completely bogus to think otherwise, mom!

Below I compiled some fictional 80s characters that you might remember rocked their mullets. Make no mistake when these characters were trying to sweep you off your feet in one way or another their mullets flowed in the wind.

Seriously, check them babies out … because, while you saw mullets in the 80s everywhere, they’re tough to come by these days.

(And, as a quick note on our first entry, Chuck Norris’s mullet once pinned Charles Bronson’s mustache in a cage match.)

Cordell Walker

Billy Hicks

Martin Riggs

George Burnett

Uncle Jess


Joe Dirt

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