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What Is Paint By Numbers?

Paint by numbers is a fun way to create art without extensive skills or time commitments. It’s a great activity for people of all ages and artistic abilities. Paint by numbers kits are available in various themes, from animals to landscapes, so you will be sure to find one that meets your needs.

How It Works

Paint by numbers kits are a great way to spend time with your kids, spouse or friends. The kit comes with pre-printed outlines of images on different sheets of paper that you can color in using the enclosed paint.

The various sections of the “canvas” are labeled with numbers or other identifiers that match the labels on the paints. To complete the picture, you fill in each labeled region with the corresponding color of paint.

Once complete, you will have an artistic work of art without much effort! To make it more personal and special, you can create a customized border for the painting edge – such as lettering or shapes from complementary colors.

Paint By Numbers Kits

There are many varieties available depending on what type of project you would like to tackle. Animals is one popular theme which offers various animals including lizards and tigers. For those who want something simple they can do alone, landscapes are another option where there’s no need for other people to help you.

One of my favorite paint by numbers subjects are elephants, and I especially like the set where you can create a panorama of various elephants in different poses and colors.

Paint By Numbers Kits are an easy way to get started with painting, without the need for expensive supplies or years of artistic training and make it possible to turn even a novice into an artist!

For those who would like a more personalized project, there are even options for Monet paintings which come with the brush and canvas so all you need is your own creativity.

Paint By Numbers Supplies

The good news about getting into paint by numbers is that you don’t need a lot of supplies to get started.

You can often find paint-by-numbers kits at your local craft store (or even online).

The most important thing you’ll need is the kit itself, which might include paints and brushes as well as an instruction manual that will tell you what colors go where on the canvas. Most artists recommend starting with simpler projects before tackling more complicated ones like Monet paintings. You may also want extra colors or pencils for drawing in details later if they’re needed in order to make it look right!

Artist’s Tips: Remember not every project has just one way to do it! If there are two ways, choose whichever appeals more to you based on how much time you have, how much detail you want to put into your piece, or whatever else is important.

Who Enjoys Paint by Numbers?

People of all ages can enjoy paint by numbers, but it’s especially good for kids and young adults because they’re just learning to create art.

Where to Buy Paint by Numbers

You can buy paint by numbers kits on Amazon, at craft stores, and even at local big-box stores like Walmart.

Related Projects

If you like paint by numbers, then you might also enjoy taking on other similar arts and crafts projects, like dot painting and color mixing.

And if you *really* enjoy the painting experience, then you can graduate to a more freeform activity, like drawing or watercolor. You might even find that oil painting lessons are the next step in your artistic evolution if you keep plugging away and love what you’re doing.

Today, paint by numbers … tomorrow, painting the world’s next masterpiece!

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