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Go for Broke: Be First to Spend a Million

What is the Go for Broke board game for the 1970s?

The 1970s Go for Broke board game was released in 1977 and is listed as a spend a million game. The objective of the Go for Broke board game is to be the first play to be unable to pay for damages to the bank. Or the first to go broke!

How do you play Go for Broke board game?

To play the Go for Broke board game each player starts with $1,000,000 from the bank. Players take turns throwing the dice and moving around the board. If the player lands on a draw space they must either pay the bank a certain amount or receive a payment from the bank. As play continues, players can land on real estate, stock market, racetrack, or casino and must pay the bank for landing on those spots.

How many players can play Go for Broke board game?

The game can be played by 2-5 players.

How long does a game of Go for Broke typically take to play?

The length of a game of Go for Broke can vary depending on the number of players, but there are rules for a short game. In this case players start the game with $500,000 instead of the standard $1,000,000.

Is Go for Broke suitable for children?

The Go for Broke game is listed for players age 10 to adult and includes elements of race track and casino gambling, and playing to loose, and may not be suitable for young children.

Where can I find a copy of Go for Broke board game?

The 1970s game Go for Broke is out of production, but online marketplaces periodically have used copies for auction or sale. On Amazon you can purchase the most current 2021 version.

Go for Broke!
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