1980s Beach Companions: 6 Beautiful Paint by Numbers Elephants

Think a paint-by-numbers elephant can’t be your friend?

Well, you’re wrong. Let me tell you how it happened for me …

Who doesn’t remember thinking that they were a master painter when completing a Paint by Numbers kit as a kid?

It was the summer of 1985 between my senior year of high school and the start of college. I had just arrived to Southern California and moved about a mile away from the beach. I planned to do nothing but soak up the rays until school started.

And I did just that for about a month and a half. The problem, yes there was a problem — I didn’t have any friends. And believe it or not, it is kind of hard to make friends, especially in beautiful California. If you are an outsider, nobody wants to know your name. Bummer dude!

I had eventually taken up to sunbathing in the small, and I mean small, side yard of my condo. One day I decided that I was bored, yep, I was bored in sunny Southern California. I really should have been working to save up for a car, but I thought my time would be better spent in the sun and sand. Hum.

Anyway, I was thinking about what I could do to entertain myself and still be outside. Then I remembered that one of my best friends from high school had me pulled off the plane as I was waiting for takeoff to come to California. Can you image that back in the day anybody could come right up to the gate to see people off?

Well, I was called off the plane and I thought I was being bumped, but no, it was my friend crying at the gate begging them to let her see me. I was shocked, and we didn’t have a lot of time to talk, but she said she was sorry she was late. She handed me a blue tote, we hugged, and then I was whisked back onto the plane.

I was so excited to see what was in the bag. A new pink one piece, a magazine to read on the plane, a beach towel, flip flops, and a Paint by Numbers kit.

Fast forward to my bored summer day. I dressed in white shorts, a crop top, and my bare feet. I grab my Paint by Numbers and head out into the sun. I have to admit that I had never done a Paint by Numbers before, but I totally enjoyed it.

First of all, I love Elephants and the fact that my friend remembered my love of Elephants and thought that at some point I may be lonely was really touching to me. Second, can you image sitting in the California sun with a beach breeze painting a beautiful elephant? Well, it was pure magic.

This memory got me thinking recently about Paint by Numbers Elephant. How many are out there? So here are my top 6 Elephants. Keep in mind that I lean towards modern paintings.

# 6

Vintage Painting Elephant DIY Painting By Numbers Kits Acrylic Paint On Canvas Home Wall Art Picture Artwork 40x50cm

# 5

CHENISTORY DZ1529 Paint By Numbers Colorful Picture Elephant Animals No Frame For Kits

# 4

Painting By Numbers Colorful Animals Elephant On Canvas With Frame For Kits

# 3

Image result for paint by numbers elephant

# 2



Artoree DIY 5D Diamond Painting by Number Kit for Adult, Full Drill Diamond Embroidery Dotz Kit Home Wall Decor-14x20" Elephant

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