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J.J. Armes The Worlds Greatest Investigator

What is the J.J. Armes action figure?

J.J. Armes is a private investigator from El Paso, Texas who gained fame in the 1970s for his high-profile cases and distinctive prosthetic hook hands. The 1976 Ideal J.J. Armes Action Figure aka The World’s Greatest Investigator was 12” high, and came with bio-kinetic hands, like, suction cup hands, hooks, machete hand, karate hands, revolver hand, and magnetic hand. The back of the action figure box had a comic book panel that showed the buyer an example of an adventure that a child could have playing with the J.J. Armes action figure and the optional M.I.U.

Who made the J.J. Armes action figure?

The J.J. Armes action figure toy was made by Ideal Toy Company, currently not in business.

What other accessories were available for the J.J. Armes action figure?

Besides the Bio-Kinetic hands and came with the action figure, sold separately, was the J.J. Armes Mobile Investigation Unit or M.I.U. for short. You could open the sliding panels to reveal the mobile lab and had a special ladder to climb to the top. It was complete with quick exit front end, telecommunication center, bullet proof shield and super hook.

J.J. Armes

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