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Dan Fielding: Night Court’s Lovable Villain

Dan Fielding, portrayed by actor John Larroquette, is a character from the popular American sitcom Night Court, which aired from 1984 to 1992. The show followed the antics of the eccentric judges, staff, and defendants of the night shift of a Manhattan municipal court.

Dan Fielding, a prosecutor, was one of the main characters on the show and was known for his lecherous behavior and insatiable appetite for women. He was often seen trying to hit on female defendants and witnesses, as well as his coworkers, despite having little success. Despite his flaws, Dan was also a competent prosecutor, often getting convictions for cases despite the absurdity of the cases in the Night Court.

One of Dan’s defining characteristics was his constant, unrequited crush on his co-worker, public defender Christine Sullivan (Markie Post). Throughout the series, Dan went to great lengths to try to win her over, including sending her love letters and buying her gifts, but his efforts were always in vain.

In addition to his pursuit of women, Dan was also known for his love of money and his tendency to brag about his wealth and possessions. He was often seen wearing designer suits and driving a flashy sports car, and was once even willing to sell his soul to the devil for financial gain.

Despite his flaws, however, Dan was also a likable character, and his antics were often a source of comedic relief on the show. He had a dry wit, often making sarcastic comment on the crazy cases and defendant that Night Court dealt with.

In conclusion, Dan Fielding from Night Court was a complex and humorous character that added depth to the show. He was a lecherous, money-loving prosecutor, but his comedic antics and unrequited crush on Christine Sullivan made him an endearing character to audiences.

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