5 Ways ‘The Goonies’ Movie Poster Will Make You Glad You Grew Up in the 1980s

Is there any more stirring sight for a kid of the 80s than a The Goonies movie poster?

(OK, maybe the E.T. movie poster, but still …)

Chances are, since you’re reading this, that you grew up in the 1970s and/or 1980s.

Those were glorious times, weren’t they? I think so.

And if you need a reminder of what made those years so special to us, there is no shortage of nostalgia on the web, and any single piece of memorabilia from that era might have you longing for the old days.

As a case in point, consider “The Goonies” movie poster — it’s chock full of imagery from the film, sure, but it’s a short synaptic leap to the more deep-seeded memories of those days.

To wit, here are five ways “The Goonies” movie poster will make you glad you grew up in the 1980s.

(Disclaimer … one thing that’s not so great about these posters is that Sloth is nowhere to be found. No monster from The Goonies? Blasphemy!)

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The Adventures Are Real

Sure, we may have been the first generation to descend into a maelstrom of video game malaise, but most of us also spent plenty of time outside … just playing, and pretending.

In the summer, we ran our butts off from dawn ’til dusk.

At recess, we hit the swings, played tag, climbed jungle gyms, smeared each other on the dodge ball court.

And, all along the way, we found adventure.

There were ghosts in the attic.

There pirate ships we could see from the crow’s nest of our iron ships in the playground.

There were mysteries to solve in that old barn at the back of your grandparents’ property.

So, could there be a labyrinth under your house that will lead you to untold treasure … and adventure.

Hell, yeah!

Your Old Car is a Pirate’s Ship

And speaking of pirate ships and playing outdoors, every 1980s kid knows that there was at least one piece of “playground equipment” that could serve any purpose whatsoever.

I’m referring, of course, to the family car. Or, even better, that broken-down pickup truck that hasn’t moved in a year or more.

Need a space ship? You got it.

Want to climb up into the turrets of a castle? Scamper on up the bumper and windshield to the roof.

Need a hobbits hovel? Climb into the cab.

But, could that old jalopy really make a suitable pirate’s ship? Only for kids with even a whit of imagination.

You’re from the 1970s and 1980s — you qualify.

Young Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin has turned into a fine actor, and he’s now taking on grizzled old(er) dude roles as he moves into his 50s (what?!?).

He’s renowned for his hyper-masculine roles, often complemented by a thick-headed charm that fills lots of stereotypes but is still fun.

In The Goonies, though, Brolin was the meathead Brand Walsh, surviving on his physicality and intent on putting the moves on young Andy.

Yeah … guess we should have seen future Josh coming.

A Young Corey Feldman

Feldman was one of the two Coreys who took Hollywood by storm in the mid-1980s. He and Corey Haim formed a star-crossed duo who appeared in Lost Boys together in 1987, then followed similar troubled paths until Haim’s death in 2010

In The Goonies, Feldman portrayed the brash and talkative “Mouth” Devereaux, and aside from the funky glasses then and the occasional bout of out-there-ness these days, Feldman still looks much the same.

And, when you see Feldman these days, don’t you have flashbacks to his 80s glory days that also included a starring role in Stand By Me?

If not, you just weren’t paying attention.

A Young Jeff Cohen

A young who?

Jeff Cohen … you know … the guy who played Ward in the 1991 TV movie called Perfect Harmony?


Oh, well, he also played Chunk in The Goonies, if that helps any.

It does help?


The thing about chunk is that we were either a) him, b) happy to torment him, c) trying to avoid dating him, or d) afraid others saw as him.

Chunk was … well … chunky. And loud. And over-the-top. And not all that nice or sweet.

Hard to be around, in general.

But as he grew, Jeff Cohen lost the weight, lost some hair (who doesn’t), mostly ditched the acting career, and became an actor.

He is a reminder that, no matter how great or terrible the 1980s were for us, we can always do other things today.

And that being a child star does not have to ruin your life forever.

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