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Night Court Cast … Disorder in the Courtroom!

Night Court was a popular. The show was set in a The cast of Night Court was full of talented actors who brought their unique personalities to their characters, making the show a comedic classic. Here is that beloved cast, who helped keep the popular television sitcom on the aired on NBC from 1984 to 1992, and let us all peer into a Manhattan courtroom and followed the zany antics of the judges, lawyers, and bailiffs who worked there.

  1. Harry Anderson played Judge Harold T. “Harry” Stone. Anderson was a magician and comedian before becoming an actor, and brought his love of magic tricks to his portrayal of Judge Stone. He was the lead of the series and also acted as a producer for some of the seasons.
  2. John Larroquette played the role of Dan Fielding, an egotistical and womanizing prosecutor. Larroquette won four consecutive Emmy Awards for his performance on the show.
  3. Markie Post played Christine Sullivan, a public defender who later becomes a judge. Christine was the romantic interest for Harry Stone. Post was already well known for her roles in other popular TV shows such as “The Fall Guy” and “Love Boat.”
  4. Richard Moll played Bull Shannon, a hulking bailiff with a soft spot for animals. Moll’s character of Bull is memorable for his gruff exterior and his deep voice.
  5. Charles Robinson played Mac Robinson, the court clerk who often acted as a voice of reason. Robinson was well known for his role as Larry in the movie “Being There.”
  6. Marsha Warfield played Roz Russell, the no-nonsense bailiff who always had a sharp retort. Warfield joined the cast in the show’s last season as a replacement of Selma Diamond.

Other characters and actors who appeared on Night Court throughout its nine-season run included …

  1. Ellen Foley played Billie Young, the public defender who has a brief romance with Harry Stone in the early seasons.
  2. Paula Kelly played Liz Williams, a public defender.
  3. Florence Halop played Flo, an early bailiff on the show.
  4. Selma Diamond played Selma Hacker, the senior bailiff before Roz Russell
  5. The character of Bull’s (Richard Moll) half-brother, Warren Shannon, appeared in several episodes.
  6. The character of Phil Sanders, the court officer, appeared in several episodes.
  7. J.D. Roth, an actor and producer who had small roles in several episodes as different characters.
  8. Mel Tormé, Harry’s idol, who played himself.
  9. Guest stars included notable actors such as John Astin, Sid Caesar, and Jay Leno.

The large and talented cast added a lot to the show’s humor and dynamic, as each actor brought a unique energy and perspective to their characters. The show was praised for its comedic timing and the chemistry of the cast, which helped to make Night Court a beloved classic of television comedy.

Epilogue: Unfortunately, many of these actors are no longer with us, as catalogued in our (ugh) running list of Night Court Cast Deaths.

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