The Centurions: All the Facts

The Centurions is one of the great but forgotten 80s cartoons. Here is everything you need to know about this hidden gem of a classic.

What is “The Centurions”?

“The Centurions” is a 30-minute animated TV series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions that aired on ABC from 1986 to 1987. It follows the adventures of a team of high-tech heroes who use advanced exo-frame suits to fight crime and injustice.

Who are the main characters in “The Centurions”?

The main characters in “The Centurions” are Jake Rockwell, Ace McCloud, and Max Ray, who are the three members of the Centurions team. They are supported by Doctor Sarah Doyle, who helps them design and maintain their exo-frame suits, and by a talking computer named Doc Terror.

What are the exo-frame suits used by the Centurions?

The exo-frame suits are advanced mechanical suits that enhance the physical abilities of the wearer. Each suit has different capabilities and weapons, and can transform into various modes to suit the needs of the mission.

Who is the main antagonist in “The Centurions”?

The main antagonist in “The Centurions” is a mad scientist named Doc Terror, who is bent on world domination and the destruction of the Centurions. He is aided by his cyborg assistant Hackle and a group of henchmen known as the Terror Troopers.

What is the premise of “The Centurions”?

The Centurions are a team of high-tech heroes who use their exo-frame suits to protect the world from Doc Terror and his evil plans. They travel to different locations around the globe and face a variety of villains and threats, including giant robots, mutant animals, and alien invasions.

How many episodes of “The Centurions” were produced?

“The Centurions” aired for one season, which consisted of 65 episodes.

Was “The Centurions” successful when it aired?

Yes, “The Centurions” was a popular and successful show when it aired in the mid-1980s. It gained a large following and was praised for its action-packed storylines and well-developed characters.

Is “The Centurions” available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “The Centurions” is available to stream on various platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Tubi.

Did “The Centurions” have any spin-off media?

Yes, “The Centurions” had a tie-in comic book series produced by Marvel Comics. It was published in 1986 and consisted of three issues.

Is “The Centurions” related to any other media franchises?

“The Centurions” is not directly related to any other media franchises, but it was influenced by other popular science fiction and superhero properties of the time, such as “Star Wars,” “RoboTech,” and “G.I. Joe.”

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