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Shooting the Bull on Night Court – 8 Clips that Define the Big Lug

Has there ever been a television character more intimidating and lovable at the same time than Bull from Night Court?

Or … more gruff and more sensitive?

Or … more quite and more communicative (it’s the eyes!)?

Or, even … taller and more bald?

My magic 8-Ball says, “No way, dude!”

And, to prove it, I’ve rounded up some of the best “Bull” clips from Night Court, just to show you how multifaceted the guy really was.

So, if you’re ready for a BIG dose of Richard Moll goodness, let’s jump right in!

Bull’s Toupee

This one is from an episode called “To Sleep, No More,” wherein guilt gets the better of slickster Dan Fielding.

But the real star of this episode was that raccoon on Bull’s head.

Bull Invents the Human Pretzel

It was bound to happen right? Dan doing something so dastardly/annoying/outrageous that Bull finally had to take matters into his own meaty hands?

Yeah, and what better treat for a salty big man than … a pretzel.

A human pretzel.

That John Larroquette sure was flexible, huh?

Bull Gives Dan Cash

On the other hand, Bull couldn’t stand to see folks hurting, or in need.

And if he came across you in a sorry state, and he had the means to help, he probably would.

Even if you were Dan Fielding.

So, when Dan needed cash, who bailed him out (so to speak).

Yep, the big guy.

Night Court “The Klondike Butcher”

So, who’s bigger … Bull or Lou Ferrigno.

One sure way to find out is to watch the 1985 episode entitled “Battling Bailiffs.” In that one, Bull seeks job satisfaction by looking into, yes, wrestling.

And who should show up but The Hulk himself?!

Night Courts: Season 8

This compilation clip from the show’s eighth season features plenty of Bull — and the rest of the cast — as the story lines get edgy.

This was supposed to be the last hurrah, so the gloves came off, but it all went so well that the gang came together for ninth season.


Night Court Bull Smiles

We didn’t get to see Bull break out his pearly whites very often in this series, so intent was he on maintaining his serious demeanor.

But the prospect of forcibly removing a member of the paparazzi from Harry’s chambers, and what he might get to do to the dude afterward, were enough to make even Bull smile.

Night Court Dan Breaks Bull’s TV

Wanna see someone who is suddenly uncomfortable with his position in life?

Take a gander at Dan after he throws a fit … breaks a mini TV … and only THEN finds out it belongs to Bull.

Yes, hilarity ensues.

Night Court – Bull Semen

Go ahead … let your imagination run wild with this one.

Just … go ahead.

So, what do you think? Is Bull a hard-ass? A sweetie? A softie?

Or maybe a little of all those?

One thing is for sure, Night Court wouldn’t have been the show it was, and may not have lasted more than a few episodes, without their massive cue ball of a bailiff.

Long live Bull … long live Night Court.

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