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Does a Mood Ring Work … Yes? No? Maybe? Sometimes? Four Experiments!

How does a mood ring work?

There are scientific explanations for it, but you know you can’t really trust science, right? I mean … where are our flying cars?

Yeah, thought so.

A better question might be, “Does a mood ring work?”.

I wanted to know, so I undertook a series of experiments to answer that question.

Don’t worry, though, because my tests had nothing to do with science. All four were conducted on a whim.

Interestingly, I didn’t get the same answer twice.

Maybe that’s how apathy manifests on these things.

Who know?

What I do know, though, is that a mood ring does work … well, sometimes.

My results …

Anger … Yes

For this experiment, I wore my mood ring for a week until something really pissed me off.

I don’t remember exactly what it was that pissed me off, but it had something to do with work and dog crap and a flat tire and an internet troll and a burned dinner roll.

I was hopping mad, but instead of hopping, I took off my mood ring and jammed it into the garbage disposal. Turned the thing on, and sparks flew everywhere.

Not to mention chunks of eggs from some breakfast the month before.

I had to call out a repairman to actually see how the mood ring reacted, and it took him a week to show up.

By then, I was even more pissed off, and the dude’s $500 bill had me twisted up like a 12-car pile-up on the interstate.

The good news is, my mood ring was as busted and torn and pretzeled as my own guts were.

It worked!


Happiness … No

So, this experiment came about when I went to purchase my new mood ring.

I was prepared to spend upwards of, like fifty cents, to get my finger into a new model and continue on, but as I shuffled through the convenience store parking lot, something glinted in my eyes.

Turns out, it was a gold ring someone had dropped into a crack in the asphalt. I picked it up and was initially bummed that it was too small, but then I was able to jam it on the tip of my pinkie.

I headed home, happy as could be with my find.

But did the ring register my joy?


Over the weeks, the gold sheen faded and cracked, and I eventually had to have it cut off by a locksmith.

Never did turn any other color to show how happy I’d been.

My finger turned green, though.


Love … Maybe

So there I was with two demolished mood rings and a green finger to show for my efforts.

I didn’t put two and two together, because it was only one and one and one, but I did put the two mangled rings next to each other on my bathroom sink.

That’s when I noticed that the inside of the second ring was green, too.

After consulting my mood ring color chart, I saw that green means “romance”?

So … does that mean the “golden” mood ring loves the garbage disposal mood ring? Or that my swollen pinkie loves one or both of the rings?

I don’t know.

But it’s possible. I’m going to be watching the rings over the next several weeks to see if they mate or whatnot.


Curry … Sometimes

Finally, I set my two ruined mood rings on the end table next to me while I ate a bowlful of microwaved curry peas.

I don’t like peas.

I don’t like curry.

But put them together, and there’s something intriguing about them.

I really don’t like them, but there are certain twangs of flavor that make them seem almost palatable. I swear I can hear music in between chews … sometimes.

Anyway, my mood rings remained mangled and more or less green — between confusion and love — during the whole meal.

So, depending on the bite and where I was in the course of a chew, the rings were right.

Or wrong.

So, did the mood rings work?

I can firmly say … sometimes.


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