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Pete’s Dragon Always Flying High

What is the 1977 movie “Pete’s Dragon” about?

“Pete’s Dragon” is a live-action/animated musical fantasy film from 1977 produced by Walt Disney Productions. It tells the story of an orphaned boy named Pete who lives in the forest with his best friend, a dragon named Elliott. Together, they go on adventures and evade the local townsfolk who want to capture Elliott.

Who directed “Pete’s Dragon”?

Don Chaffey directed the family movie and written by Malcolm Marmorstein.

Who were the main actors in “Pete’s Dragon”?

Sean Marshall played the role of Pete, Helen Reddy played Nora, Jim Dale played Lampie and Mickey Rooney played Dr. Terminus.

What were the reviews for “Pete’s Dragon” when it was released?

The film was well received by critics, with praise for its special effects and musical numbers. The film grossed worldwide and from videos over $39 million against its $10 million budget.

Did “Pete’s Dragon” have a sequel?

No, but in 2016, a new version of Pete’s Dragon was released. Both films share the same title and the basic premise of a boy living with a dragon in the forest. However, the plot and characters of the two films are different. The 2016 version is more of a re-imagining than a sequel.

Pete’s Dragon
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