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The Complete List of ‘Inspector Gadget’ Villians

Ever wanted to see a complete list of Inspector Gadget villains all in one place, complete with descriptions? Yeah, us too …

Abominable Snowbot

A huge mechanical monster programmed by Claw to take down Gadget in “Winter Olympics.”

Amazon Annie

An Amazonian ally of Claw.

Barker Gang

A band of outlaws in “High Noon” intent on claiming a western town as their own.

Blue Troll

One of the nasties trying to bring bad tidings to Penny in “Dry Spell.”


Spydra’s pet vulture and chief lackey, complete with Russian accent.


McKibble’s best friend and a Claw henchman in the Inspector Gadget 2 movie.


A Claw operative sent to brainwash people via their television shows in “The Weather Machine.”


One of Gadget’s adversaries in “Face To Face To Face” who could — surprise! — change his appearance.


An evil snake who had a beef with Penny and her watch, but whose deeds met their demise at the hand of Penny’s clever use of a mirror.


An evil scientist tapped by Dr. Claw to find a formula to turn lead into gold.

Detective Data

A former goodie who turned to M.A.D. after (she claims) Gadget took credit for her sleuthing.

Devon Debonaire

A slick villain whose only appearance came in the animated film Inspector Gadget’s Last Case (2002)


 A M.A.D. professor (ha!) who had a penchant for creating controllable creatures to effect the downfall of Gadget.

Dr. Claw

Claw is the primary villain in all versions of the Gadget universe, and he is Gadget’s main protagonist, dead set on achieving total world domination.

Dr. Focus

An ambitious scientist who hooks up with M.A.D. in “Gone Went the Wind” to create a weapon designed to destroy Metro City … with a sneeze!

Dr. Noodleman

Another in a long line of bad guys hellbent on taking down Gadget, but one who also wanted to steal the hero’s … um … gadgets and Penny’s watch.

Dr. Pause

A M.A.D. operative who sought to wreak havoc by, among other things, switching Inspector Gadget’s brain with that of his assistant in “Swap Team.”

Dr. Spectrum

A bad guy who carries out nasty business through the use of ray guns (and other devices).

Dr. Thaw

Claw’s brother, who thinks he could take care of Gadget in an instant, and who has a tense relationship with his dastardly sibling.

Fierce Ones

Guardians of a cave treasure in North Africa that Claw is intent on stealing.\

Gordon Сlaw

Dr. Claw’s father, whose only appearance came in “Erasing Gadget.”


Doomkauf’s creation — and son — who turns to the good when Penny makes him laugh.

Great Wambini

A magician and M.A.D. operative, Wambini specialized in swindling people.

Guy Strong

Dr. Pause’s assistant in “Swap Team.”


The leader of all things M.A.D. in Japan.

Jungle Bob

A low-level Claw henchman in Inspector Gadget 2.


Dr. Claw’s main assistant in the original Inspector Gadget movie.


A M.A.D. agent seen only in “King Wrong.”

Lana Lamour

An attractive agent used by M.A.D. to lure Gadget toward his demise.


The top French agent in the M.A.D. stable, who specialized in overriding alarm systems, usually by building robots to do the job.

Less Renowned

An older M.A.D. agent notorious for teaching Claw the ways of the bad.

Lesser Wambini

Associated with the magician, the Great Wambini, M.A.D. Lesser Wambini produced free tickets to the magic show to lure in Gadget and Penny.

Louise Lane

A Claw operative who posed as a journalist in “So It is Written.”

M.A.D. Agents

The eight M.A.D. Agents were Dr. Claw’s primary henchmen.

M.A.D. Cat

Claw’s pet cat who helped the master villain plan his schemes.

M.A.D. Ninja

A M.A.D. agent who was also a ninja sent to destroy Gadget in “The Capeman Cometh.” That didn’t happen, naturally.

M.A.D. Warden

A mountain warden who sabotaged Gadget’s attempts to nab a villain by outfitting him with faulty gear.

M.A.D. Yodeler

A villain whose weapon was a shrill singing voice that set off avalanches in snowy climes when needed.

Macho Miguel

A bandit from Mexico hired by Dr. Claw to steal the Emerald Duck, a priceless Mayan heirloom.


The spa owner in “Health Spa” who put Gadget through rigorous workouts designed to bring about his demise.

Madison Von Trap

A M.A.D. agent who wields a crossboa — a bow that fires deadly snakes instead of arrows. One of the few black characters in the franchise


A student at Evil University who befriends Penny and becomes her friend and foe — a frienemy!

Maryland Claw

Dr. Claw’s mother, herself a criminal mastermind.


One of Claw’s top henchmen in the Inspector Gadget 2 movie, and Brick’s best friend.

Mr. Chow

A Chinese criminal in league with Claw in international crimes.

Mulch and Hummus

Henchmen of Spydra, a dangerous spiderlike bad character.

O’Shea Brothers

Sibling henchmen of Dr. Claw, whose only appearance came in “Luck of the Irish.”


A Scottish M.A.D. agent recruited by Claw to kidnap solar scientists in the name of building a deadly heat ray.

Pierre LeChop

A French-Canadian lumberjack recruited by Claw to take out Gadget when the inspector visited Canada.

Presto Change-O

A master of disguise, Presto Change-O impersonated Gadget to infiltrate the British government before being found out and arrested


A petty thief hired by Claw to help upend Gadget, Rat appeared in just one episode.


A M.A.D. agent who poses as a hotel manager in “A Bad Altitude” to try and take Gadget and his cohorts out of commission.

Rick Boulder

M.A.D. agent who, with his troll sidekicks, try to keep Gadget from saving the town from rushing water in “Dry Spell.”


A robotic version of Brenda the scientists, created as a henchwoman for Claw.


A Claw creation, RoboGadget was a completely robotic version of the real Gadget, created as a henchman to destroy Gadget.

Samurai Agents

Appearing in “The Japanese Connection,” the Samurai Agents were the henchman of Iji-Waruda-san.

Sanford “Claw” Scolex

Sanford Scolex is the real name of Dr. Claw in the two Inspector Gadget movies.

Silver Chef

Silver Chef is a famous television chef who turns out to be a M.A.D. agent with intentions of preparing a nasty meal for the President.


A six-armed criminal with arachnid tendencies, Spydra is so hideous that anyone who looks upon her face will turn to stone.


Squint was a valued henchman to Dr. Claw and a close friend of Jungle Bob Inspector Gadget 2.


Professor Suzuki went on a jungle expedition at Claw’s behest to unlock a hidden temple that held a deadly weapon.


One of Claw’s chief henchmen in the Inspector Gadget film, but Penny turned him to the good side.

Talon Claw

Talon Claw was Dr. Claw’s nephew and his most trusted henchman in the 2015 series.

The Finch

Icarus Finch is the head of crime ring made up of birds, and he’s also Claw’s partner.

The M.A.D. Prophet

A fake prophet who used his dire predictions to keep interlopers away from Claw’s island so the chief villain could carry out his dastardly deeds in peace.

Thelma Bodkin

Thelma arranges all of Claw’s time-travel trips.


King Thor is a “ghost” who kidnaps the real king of Neutralia in order to hand over the nation to M.A.D. … and Claw.

Von Headcase

A suspect doctor who attempted to brainwash Inspector Gadget in “No Brainer.”

Good thing Gadget has Brain, Penny, and Chief Quimby on his side, huh?

And, if you ever want to see these nasty characters in action, you can always check them out over on YouTube.

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Note: When you click on links to various merchants in this post and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates.

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