1960s Batman Toys Still Pack a Pow!

The original Batman series was one of the silliest, kitschiest, and popular shows of the first twenty years of television history. Little surprise, then, that the 1960s Batman toys that accompanied the on-screen action are classics that still resonate with kids young and old today. How many of these iconic playthings do you remember?

Batman Activity Box

Issued by Whitman in 1966, this cardboard box contained a two cutouts of the Dynamic Duo, and cutouts of other Batstuff, like the Batmobile, the Penguin, and citizens of Gotham City. The board was a popup representation of various places in the city, where you could move Batman and Robin to fight crime or just rearrange the scenery here and there.

Batman Cartoon Kit from Colorforms

The Caped Crusader joined the Colorforms world early on, with this Cartoon Kit debuting in 1966. It included a cape that had to be attached by hand, and stick-on Batwords for decorating. The setting on the board was a Gotham City skyline illuminated by a huge full moon, with the Batmobile peeking around one corner.

In addition to Batman and Robin, the set included flat, sticky plastic versions of the Joker and the Penguin.

Batman Card Game from Parker Brothers 1960s

The card game was first released in 1966, with the cards featuring illustrations of Batman’s many enemies on one side and his arch-nemesis The Joker on the other. To make it easier to tell the two sides apart, the Joker Cards were printed with a red backing.

Batman Pez Dispenser

The original Batman Pez dispenser featured just a Batman head in blue Bathood, with “Batman” written on it. The toy-candy combo also came with a rubbery blue cape that attached to the top of the long shaft of the Pez dispenser. Most of the capes have bit the dust over the years, making it tough to find one in perfect condition.

Friction-Powered Tin Batmobile

In 1960, a friction-powered tin Batmobile was released in conjunction with the old Batman TV show (though it’s not clear just how “licensed” this one was). This was one of those great toys that you could pull back along the floor to wind up tension as the wheels rolled backwards. Then, when you were ready, you could let go and it would roar off with the power of a 1960s Batmobile!

This super car also featured a built-in Batman driver, so you knew you were in good hands.

Batphone Hot-Line

Introduced by Marx in 1966, this “phone” was really a plastic toy that you could pull back with your finger over the mouthpiece to make it appear as if someone was on the other end. It even said things to you — ten familiar phrases from various members of the iconic TV The Batphone Hot-Line came in a plain color, but also featured stickers of Batman and Robin which were designed for applying–thereby making this 1960s batman toys an even more interactive experience

Batman Coins

Issued as a hanger toy by Transogram, these 1960s Batman coins came 20 to a pack and included all the usual heroes and suspects, like Batman and Robin, Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler.

There were also vehicles included among the coins.

This toy is interesting because it’s more than just a collectible; it was really used for games and other fun activities! The package encouraged kids to collect and trade them, too, and it’s a pretty sure bet that happened.

Wonder if anyone ever swapped Batman for a Mickey Mantle baseball card??

Batman Rings

Issued in conjunction with Batman comic books in the 1960s, each of these 12 “Action Rings” featured the image of a character from the series, from Batman and Robin to Joker and the Penguin.

These bad boys checked in at a dime apiece, and kids could trade them out with other collectors.

Batman Miniature License Plate

Issued by Marx in 1966, these miniature license plates featured Batman with his arms folded and looming over a large “Batman” word, and came in a variety of colors.

Kids could decorate their bedrooms with these, or trade them out for other cool ones.

Of course, any kid worth his salt would find a way to plaster this Batman beauty to his bicycle if he had the chance.

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