1980s Furniture Styles: A Guide to 80s In-Home Chic

In the 1980s, furniture styles were diverse and eclectic – a trend that works well as a retro look today. Whether you’re looking for sleek geometric shapes or ornate Victorian designs, there was something in the outrageous decade for everyone! Here are some of the most popular 1980s furniture styles.

Mid-century Modern

This style is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist look. Pieces might include anything from an Eames lounge chair to a glass coffee table with chrome legs. 

Scandinavian Design

Clean lines are also characteristic of this style, which was inspired by Denmark in the 1970s and 80s. These pieces often feature organic materials like wood or leather paired with metal accents such as copper piping on chairs. 

Louis Philippe

The furniture of this style features ornate, romantic designs. Pieces might be embellished with lavish carving or hand painting in pastel colors.


A dramatic and grand look characterized by intricate curves and scrolls, often featuring gold gilt to bring out the detail even more! Think Queen Anne chairs upholstered in luxurious brocade.

Art Nouveau

A style that flourished from the 1880s to 1910, this furniture features sinuous plant and animal motifs in a variety of wood textures like oak, mahogany or walnut. Pieces are often stained glass with carved designs on deep panels.

Chunky Furniture

This style of furniture has thicker, more angular shapes and either straight or curving lines. Pieces are often made with a variety of materials like teak wood, wicker and metal frames for an eclectic look that’s popular today.

Clean Lines

A modernist design aesthetic from the 1950s-1970s characterized by simplicity in form, function and decoration – think plenty of chrome! Furniture pieces might be sleek metal chairs upholstered in leather or vinyl.

Garden Variety

This trend is all about bringing nature inside – so it features natural textures such as rattan (think indoor bamboo shoots) alongside organic motifs like flowers on dining room sideboards.

Country Chic

A style favored by 1980s homeowners who wanted to escape the hustle-bustle of city life. Think rustic decor with country house influences like baskets overflowing with flowers or dark wood dressers layered with lace doilies.

Flower Patterns

Flower patterns were all the rage in 1980s home decor. These designs are typically made from hand-painted fabric or stenciled onto furniture—think: floral wallpapers, chaise longues and armchairs with a flower pattern woven into its upholstery.

Sleek Minimalism

A look that favors clean lines over embellishments to create an airy feel (think polished wood floors). Minimalist design reached its height of popularity during this decade when people who grew up in the 1970s began moving out on their own or settling down after college.

Velour Upholstery

Velour upholstery is a popular choice in 1980s decor, and it can be found on sofas, armchairs or even the occasional chair. This material typically features high-quality fabric and pattern design that would have been difficult to achieve with any other textile at this point in time.

Modular Furniture

:Modular furniture was all the rage during the 1980s because of its versatility—many people didn’t want to tie themselves down by purchasing an expensive piece of furniture for their home when they knew they might move again soon. With modular suites you could purchase one sofa but three different chairs as well, depending on your needs.

Love Seats

Love seats were all the rage during 1980s decorating trends because of how they offered two separate seating areas for people who wanted to chat or watch TV together but also needed some personal space. This type of furniture was often paired with modular suites and fabric upholsteries on its surface so that it would match other pieces in the home.

Tapered Legs

Tapered legs are a staple design among 1980s furnishings, from couches to coffee tables. These elongated shapes add elegance and refinement into a space while also providing support for the pieces of furniture they’re attached to.

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