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28 Discontinued 1970s Candy Bars You Wish You Could Have Back

Ever wake up from a nightmare with a craving you can’t quite put your finger on, but one you just can’t seem to satisfy. Well, it could be you’re pining for one of these discontinued 1970s candy bars, beckoning to you from across the maw of time and space. Loosen up those braces, and let’s get ready for some sweet, sticky memories …

Almond Cluster

Almond Cluster was discontinued in the early 1970s. The candy bar consisted of a crunchy almond and chocolate nougat, covered with dark or milk chocolate. The bar is not to be confused with Good Humor’s “Almond Joy,” which also contains coconut flakes as an integral ingredient, but lacks the thick layer of chocolate on top.


Cocomel was discontinued in the early 1970s. The candy bar contained coconut mixed with milk chocolate, and became a favorite among Puerto Rican immigrants living throughout New York City during its heyday.

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under was discontinued in the early 1970s. The bar consisted of a chocolate-covered nougat and caramel with crispy rice, similar to Nestlé’s “Rolo” but without the famous name or logo on top.

Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp was discontinued in 1995 after Cadbury Group discontinued its Peter’s Chocolate Company division. The bar was the first to be made with coffee beans, and it became quickly popular in Canada after being launched there in 1967.

Coffee Crisp is now back on store shelves as a product of Hershey, although some people still say that they taste better when they were produced by Cadbury.

Crispy Quik

Discontinued in the early 1970s, Crispy Quik was a Nestle product consisting of milk chocolate and peanut butter.

Butter Nut

Discontinued in the early 1970s, Butter Nut was a Hershey product that consisted of chocolate covered peanuts and caramel.

Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Bar

The Chocolate Marshmallow Nut bar was discontinued in 1976. The candy bar consisted of a chocolate frosting and marshmallow center, covered with milk or dark chocolate.

Baffle Bar

The Baffle Bar was discontinued in 1976. It had a nougat and caramel filling, with milk chocolate coating on top.

Sneak-Ee Snack from Australia

Discontinued May 14th, 1978. Sneak-ee Snacks is an Australian variation of the Canadian candy bar called ‘Nestle Crunch’.


The Caravelle candy bar was discontinued in the mid 1970s. This chocolate and caramel filled treat consisted of a crisp, peanut butter lined wafer.

Sky Bar

The Sky Bar was discontinued in the late 1970s. This chocolate bar consisted of eight layers, with two alternating flavours; a nougat center and milk or dark chocolate on top.

Honey Bee

This tasty candy bar was discontinued in 1978. The HoneyBee had a honey-comb like filling that came from an old family recipe dating all the way back to 1887.

Luger Crunch

Discontinued in 1973, this crunchy nougat bar was discontinued due to a factory fire that destroyed most of the production equipment for these bars.

Galaxy Bar

This discontinued candy bar was introduced in 1972. The chocolate-covered nougat had a light, crispy center that would make your mouth water when you bit into it.

Coconut Bar

The Coconut Bar was discontinued in 1976 because of low sales. The coconut filling tasted like the sweetest and most exotic tropical treat imaginable.

Hershey’s Scrunchers

Discontinued in 1976, this bar consisted of a crunchy peanut butter nougat surrounded by milk chocolate.

Planters Chocolaty Coated Peanut Block

Discontinued in 1977, this bar consisted of a chocolate covered peanut butter nougat surrounded by milk chocolate.

Milky Way Crispy Bar

The Milky Way Crispy Bar is a discontinued 1970s candy bar that was promoted as “the world’s first and only crispy chocolate cereal bar.”

The Nestlé Galaxy Bar

The Nestlé Galaxy Bar consisted of milk chocolate with crisped rice mixed into the coating.

Sidekicks candy bar

Sidekicks was a discontinued 1970s candy bar which consisted of chocolate-covered peanuts and rice crispies.

Westward Ho! Chew

The Westward Ho! Chew was produced by Nestlé as of 1977. This candy bar consisted of an outer layer of chocolate and a center that was similar to the Milky Way Crispy Bar.

Whopper Bar

The Whopper bar is a discontinued candy bar, originally produced in 1970 by Hostess Brands Inc., and consisting of white fudge (coconut cream) in the middle with milk chocolate on either end.

Snik Snak Bar

The Snik Snak Bar was a candy bar produced by Hostess in 1967 and discontinued in 1973. It consisted of an inner layer that is peanut-based, with chocolate on either end (similar to the Whopper bar).


The Starbar was a candy bar produced by Hershey as of 1978 and discontinued in 1981. This one had *all* the goopy goodness all rolled into one package — crispy peanuts, peanut nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate coating.

Wonka’s Super Skrunch Bar

The Wonka Super Skrunch Bar was produced by Nestle in the early 1970s and discontinued around 1985. It had a chewy, marshmallow-flavored center with chocolate on either end (similar to the Whopper bar).

Ding Dong Bars

Ding Dong bars were introduced by Hostess in 1972, discontinued in 1982. They were a chocolate-covered wafer with creme filling and caramel.

Reggie! Bar

Baseball fans probably miss this one more than any other snackers, but — really — who wouldn’t love the classic combination of caramel, peanuts, and chocolate … all wrapped up in the biggest diamond hot dog of the 1970s??

Milk Shake

The Milk Shake bar was introduced in the early 1970s and discontinued around 1983. This one had chocolate-coated peanuts, caramel, nougat topped with a creamy milk center whipped to be as frothy as possible before it’s encased in more milk chocolate.

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