1970s Man Caves – 20 Fuzzy, Groovy Dude Dens

Have you ever thought about what 1970s man caves looked like?

Or if there even were man caves in the 1970s?

Well, I sure have. Because … um … well, because 1970s style/fashion/design was simply terrible, psychedelic, fantastic, mind-blowing, sickening, thrilling, and more, all at the same time.

So who wouldn’t want to load all that gaud up into one room and spend every waking moment he could wrapped in the burnt-brain splendor?

No one I know of.

Now, of course I realize that 1970s man caves wouldn’t just be man caves … they’d be man caves, she sheds, boy bunkers, girl garages — take your pick of genders and shelters, and the groovy decade can accommodate you, for sure.

But, since I’m a man — by age, not maturity or intellect — I want to know about 70s man caves.

So, where did I go to find out about them, for inspiration? To Pinterest, of course, where everyone heads when they want to find out something about design and, uh, 1970s men.

I pulled out 20 of the best 70s man cave images below for your perusal and enjoyment, but first, some ground rules about what makes a great dude den, groovy style …

10 Must-Haves for 1970s Man Caves

  1. Lots of orange
  2. Lots of green
  3. Lots of yellow
  4. Lots of red
  5. Lots of shag
  6. Lots of plastic
  7. Lots of acid
  8. Lots of geometry
  9. Lots of melted geometry
  10. Lots of Naugahyde
  11. Lots of strobe
  12. Lots of levels
  13. Lots of faux stained glass
  14. Lots of cheap statuary
  15. Lots of plaid
  16. Lots of paisleys
  17. Lots of paneling
  18. Lots of thick curtains
  19. Lots of flowery wallpaper
  20. Big phones
  21. Big TVs

I could go on all day, but my brain was made in the 70s, so it’s getting old and tired. And besides, I have work to do in my den.

Nay, in my 70s man cave.

I just hope that, one day, I can make it look like one of these …

Groovy 70s Man Caves

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