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These 80s Fall Outfits Won’t Gag You With a Pumpkin

What were your favorite 80s fall outfits?

Did you like the big, bulky, ugly (beautiful) sweaters? Or did you prefer the acid-wash jeans?

Or maybe think flannel shirts and stylish scarves were more your style.

Whatever fashion trend got your heart pumping in those long-ago years, you’re sure to find something you love among these amazing 80s fall outfits.

Meg Ryan looks preppy and cozy as she goes out on the town, 1980s fall style.

No one could ever accuse Molly Ringwald of being unstylish. Heck, she pretty much defined 1980s prep fashion!
Yeah, he’s probably fat and bald today, but this dude could charm the pants off a pumpkin on 1980s fall nights.
Marty McFly was cool in every season, and his 80s fall outfits defy all time boundaries.
Who needs to choose when you can wear everything? Taking a page from the Cyndi Lauper fashion catalog, this young lady had 80s fall style down to a science.
Cindy Crawford might steal your heart and invade your mind, but she won’t leave a single fingerprint in this amazing 80s fall outfit.
The Kelly McGillis look always stole hearts and stopped men — and women — in their tracks. A full-on denim 80s fall outfit fell right in line.
How many leaf piles bit the dust when some dumb-a 1980s teen flicked his butt in the wrong direction. Still, his 80s fall outfit is pretty sweet.
If you’re less than thrilled about seeing 80s fall outfits, well, there’s probably no hope for you.
Nah, Lady Di didn’t really go to Harvard. But whose going to argue with a Princess with fall looks to kill?
You can’t have “1980s fashion” without also having “Brooke Shields.” That goes double in the fall.
Alyssa Milano in 80s fall outfits is like Reggie Jackson in Yankee Stadium in October. It’s a battle of the pinup stars.
Carl Weathers can wear whatever he wants. Apollo Creed can wear whatever he wants WHENever he wants — halter top, shorts, tube socks? Yeah, it’s a perfect 80s fall outfit for the Rocky killer.

That 80s fall out fit screams, “Don’t open that door!”

Up there in the sky — it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an 80s fall outfit!
Ready for business. Ready for fall. Ready for the 80s.
I just can’t leave the 70s behind. Maybe my holdovers will still be OK as 80s fall outfits?
Just a couple of young nobodies in their 80s fall outfits. Nothing to see here.
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