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Remembering ‘The Adventures of the Little Prince’

If you were a kid in the early 1980s, you might have caught a glimpse of The Adventures of the Little Prince on ABC in 1982, or later on, on Nickelodeon.

But did you know that the anime series originated on Japanese TV in the late 1970s?

Yep, in 1978 and 1979, the Little Prince played out his adventures on TV Asahi, delighting young audiences and catching the eye of the voracious television market.

Part of the popularity in America was due to the (then) unusual animation style, and part was due to the story itself — Little Prince rode a comet from his tiny home planet across the galaxy to land on earth.

In Europe, to be a bit more precise.

And then, LP did what all good, wondering young men do — he set off on a hiking trip across the big continent.

Here is a list of all episodes of The Adventures of the Little Prince:

Episode #TitleOriginal Air Date
1“My Home, a Tiny Planet”July 4, 1978
2“Friendship in the Desert”July 11, 1978
3“Earth, the Green Planet”July 18, 1978
4“Morning Shining with Life”July 25, 1978
5“Light of the Heart”August 1, 1978
6“Even So, Stars Twinkle”August 8, 1978
7“The Castle Floating on the Sea”August 15, 1978
8“On the Bank of the Lake”August 22, 1978
9“Small Promise”August 29, 1978
10“Sound of the Flute Across the Lake”September 5, 1978
11“Dandelions and the Girl”September 12, 1978
12“Hero from the Mountain”September 26, 1978
13“Red Roses Tie Together Two Hearts”October 3, 1978
14“The Rose Captain”October 10, 1978
15“The Rainbow, the Boy and the Bandits”October 17, 1978
16“Sea of Flying Gulls”October 24, 1978
17“Nature’s Friendship”October 31, 1978
18“Violets in the Attic”November 7, 1978
19“Nostalgic Telescope”November 14, 1978
20“Star in the Palm of My Hand”November 21, 1978
21“The Exhilarating Wooden Horse Race”November 28, 1978
22“Father and Son in the Storm”December 5, 1978
23“Grandfather Simon’s Presents”December 19, 1978
24“The Man Who Digs for a Dream”January 9, 1979
25“Fly Over the Mountain Range in a Balloon!”January 16, 1979
26“Little Flowers on Mount Rowen”January 23, 1979
27“Run, Steam Locomotive!”January 30, 1979
28“Lullabye Plant of Love”February 6, 1979
29“When the Aurora Glows”February 13, 1979
30“The Adventure of the SS Dream (Part 1)”February 20, 1979
31“The Adventure of the SS Dream (Part 2)”February 27, 1979
32“I Want to Go Back to My Planet”March 6, 1979
33“Fly, SS Shooting Star!”March 13, 1979
34“The Vanished Village at the Bottom of the Lake”March 20, 1979
35“Bridge of Friendship”March 27, 1979
36“Sculptor of the Forest”N/A
37“Hero Hills”N/A
38“The Violin that Sings in the Heart”N/A
39“Goodnight, Prince”N/A

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