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14 Famous 90s Commercials That Could STILL Make You Buy

From the “Got Milk?” to the Coca-Cola polar bears campaigns, there were a lot of memorable commercials in the 1990s. These famous 90s commercials could still make you buy whatever they’re hawking!

Got Milk?

This commercial first aired on October 29, 1993 and is one of the most famous ads from this decade. The premise was simple: people would wear a milk mustache and then smile at strangers who would either be amused or horrified by their appearance. This ad led to many variations including two more Got Milk ads (the goat version and a dog version), but none are as popular as this original one.

Simpson’s Butterfinger

“I know what you want!” This famous slogan was seen in a 1994 commercial starring Bart Simpson. In the ad, Homer is shopping for groceries and he realizes that Butterfingers are on sale: “they’re not just sticks anymore.” But then Marge tells him to buy peanut brittle instead because “It tastes better.” Homer, disappointed at the sudden change in plans, walks away with his Butterfinger: “I know what I want!”

Wonder Ball

The Wonder Ball, which was like an early version of modern-day candy machines and were produced by Wham-O in 1998, is the star of this classic commercial. The advertising campaign used famous people such as David Beckham to promote this toy.

Blue Brothers for Super Soaker

Hailing from 1990, this ad features the Blues Brothers, who are being chased by police officers until they realize that there’s “nothing to worry about” because their water guns only shoot water–they can’t really hurt anyone. This was one of those advertisements designed for kids and adults alike.

Bagel Bites

This commercial from Pillsbury aired in 1991 and features two children who are playing with the frozen food before their parents find out they’re eating breakfast instead of lunch.

Leggo My Eggo

Like “Got Milk,” this 1996 classic Eggo commercial still has people repeating the tagline. The star of the ad is a perfect-looking blonde girl who spends her life with “too much junk food.” Her dad tells her to eat an Eggo and she responds by saying that they’re too healthy for kids like herself.

7UP Gold

This famous 90s commercial aired in 1994 and features a glass of water that turns gold when the drink is added. The girl who buys it claims she “could be living on champagne,” to which her mom replies, “I thought you wanted fruit juice.”

Brad Pitt for Levi Jeans

This 1992 commercial drips 1990 royalty, featuring Pitt as a man coming home to his wife of 20 years. When he tells her that he just bought new jeans, she says it’s “about time.”

Survival Car Insurance

Debuting in 1992, this one stars a man who just bought a new car. He tells his wife that he won’t have to drive for work anymore, but she’s not happy with the news because she will now be stuck driving him around every day.

Doodle Bear

This ad first aired in 1994 and features a teddy bear that turns into various shapes when his nose is squeezed.

Nickelodeon Magazine

Aired in 1995, this spot shows two kids reading a magazine called “Nickelodeon”, with the slogan, “It’s Nickelodeon Magazine!”

Baby Bottle Pop

This famous 90s commercial aired in 1992 and features a little girl who sees that her father’s drink is “a real pop” compared to hers.

Keebler E.L.-Fudge Brownies

In this one, two boys are goofing around on the playground when one of them stops because he realizes his mother is coming. The other boy looks at him and says, “Keebler E.L.-Fudge Brownies!” to the camera. This famous 1990s commercial aired in 1997.

Coca-Cola Polar Bears

The famous polar bears first appeared in 1993 and features a group of polar bears living at the North Pole who are thirsty. One bear says, “I’d give anything for a coke,” but another responds with disgust: “Don’t you know Coke is bad?” A small Coca-Cola Polar Bear walks past then they all start laugh.

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