50s Day at School: From Poodle Skirts to Paper Bag Ties

For decades now, 50s day at school has been one of the most festive occasions of the entire academic year for students all across America. But as the “greaser” decade fades farther into the rearview, we occasionally need a refresher on the memes of the times. Here are some tips for making the most of 50s day at school.

50s Day Clothes

– 50s day at school is not an excuse to throw all sense of style out the window and dress like a hobo. The idea, after all, is for people to have fun dressing up in clothes that are “faux” 1950’s. However, there are still some basics worth following so you don’t end up looking more like your great uncle than Elvis himself

• Similarly to what one would wear on Halloween night or another costume party: poodle skirts (or dresses), saddle shoes (though high heels will work if necessary) and drape jackets with lots of zippers

• Make sure to accessorize

50s Day Activities

– 50s day at school is not all about the clothes. In addition to dressing up, there are plenty of activities you can do on 50s day that will make it an even more memorable experience:

• Play some games like pinball or pool (or just dance around) to get a taste for what life in the 1950’s may have been like.

• Get creative with arts and crafts: 50s day is the perfect opportunity to make those paper bag ties or brush up on your poodle skirt-making skills

• Have a snack break by hosting an ice cream social complete with root beer floats for all your classmates!

Music Ideas for 50s Day

– 50s day goes better with music. Make sure to have a reliable playlist on hand, and don’t forget to bring your iPod or CD player!

• Have an Elvis singalong with “Love Me Tender”

• Throw in some of your favorite ’50’s hits like “Rock Around the Clock”, “In The Still of the Night”

• Get your friends together and belt out a few tunes with “Proud Mary”, “Johnny B. Goode” or any other 50’s tune!

50s Day Food Ideas

– 50s day is the perfect time to break out that classic Popsicle mold or whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn’t love an ice cream social?

• Have your favorite 50’s dish for lunch. Do you like hot dogs, wieners and beans with macaroni salad? How about fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn?

• Make your favorite 50s dish for dinner. What about meatloaf with ketchup glaze and green beans or macaroni with cheese sauce?

• Toast marshmallows over the fire pit (just be careful!)

50s Day Classroom Decorating Ideas

– Cover your classroom in 50’s decorations.

• Hang up a “Happy 50th Birthday” banner with balloons, streamers and confetti to let the students know it is their day!

• Make some colorful paper chains or cutout shapes that you can hang from the ceiling above each table for decoration.

Now, let’s expand a bit on those 50s Day clothing ideas …

50s Day Clothing Ideas (girls)

– Dress in full 50s attire. A poodle skirt is a must!

• Wear an outfit that will make you look like a 50s movie star, such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.

50s Day Clothing Ideas (boys)

– Boys can wear their best 1950’s clothing too, just be sure it’s not too flashy.

• A paper bag tie is a 50s staple, so find one or make your own!

– Wear full 50’s attire such as jeans, white t-shirt and button down shirt tucked in with penny loafers or saddle shoes.

50s Day Clothing Ideas (teachers)

– Dress up as a 50s teacher or principal with your class.

• Wear an outfit that will make you look like a 50s movie star, such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.

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