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Batman CSF Batcopter Fighting Crime on Gotham

What is the Batman CSF Batcopter?

The Batman CSF Batcopter is a toy sold by Remco in 1977 based on the 1960s Batman TV series. The Batcopter is a fictional aircraft from the Batman comics, television series, and films. It is a helicopter that is used by the character Batman as a mode of transportation. It was made in Hong Kong. The object of the toy is to aid Batman and capture the dastardly villains.

How did the Batman CSF Batcopter work?

The Batcopter had real batcopter sound and you control the action with a CSF (Controlled Space Flight) with a dual control lever that flies the batcopter forward and in reverse, high and low, hover, glide and accelerate. It required batteries.

What is the Batcopter equipped with?

The Batcopter comes with:
*Batcopter and CSF controller
*The Penguin, Joker and Riddler standing cardboard cutouts
*The city of Gotham and Gotham Jail standing cardboard cutouts

Does the 1977 Batcopter toy have any collectible value?

The 1977 Batcopter toy does collectible value, especially for fans of the Batman TV series and fans of vintage toys. However, the condition of the toy and whether it is still in its original packaging can affect its collectible value. it can be a valuable piece for the collector who specifically collect batman merchandise. In the box and not working can sell for $50-80, less if there is no box. In the box and working can sell for in the $180 range. Prices will vary depending on condition and demand.

Is the Batman CSF Batcopter toy still available to purchase?

The 1977 Batcopter toy is no longer in production, and as such, is not available to purchase new. However, it may still be found in the second-hand market like eBay and antique dealers.

Batman CSF Batcopter
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