‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Trivia Quiz — 20 Tough Questions!

When A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted on December 9, 1965, even creator Charles Shulz couldn’t have predicted what a classic it would become.

Within a year, though, Chuck, Snoopy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts game were back with two more specials and quickly becoming a staple of American culture.

Now, more than 50 years later, A Charlie Brown Christmas trivia is must-have knowledge for any red-blooded kid … or adult!

Let’s see where you stand with these 20 questions — some tough, some easy, all chock full of nostalgia!

A Charlie Brown Christmas trivia

What part does Sally land in the Christmas play?

What song did Schroeder have to "dumb down" to appease Lucy?

What Christmas carol does the Peanuts gang sing to end the show?

What is pantophobia?

Who has pantophobia?

Who kissed Lucy during this Christmas special?

Where are Linus and Charlie Brown headed at the beginning of the show?

What plans does Linus have for his blanket as an adult?

What year was "A Charlie Brown Christmas" released?

What does Lucy want for Christmas?

What is the curly,red-haired girl's name?

Who wins the Christmas decorating contest?

Which staple Peanuts character does not appear in this special?

Who plays all of the animals in the gang's Christmas production?

What instrument does Snoopy play in his duet with Schroeder?

Which composer's music does Schroeder play for Christmas?

What game do the kids play at the beginning of the show?

What is Charlie Brown's job in the Christmas production?

Who explains the meaning of Christmas?

What part did Shermy get in the Christmas play?

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