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70’s Day at School: Ideas for a Disco Decade Dandy

The 70s were a decade of disco, bell bottoms, and big hair. The decade was known for its popular television shows like “Happy Days,” “Good Times,” and the iconic movie “Grease.” What better way to celebrate this era than with 70s Day at school? Here are some ideas about what you can do to turn that theme day into a groovy party that last through every period.

70s Day Music

Disco is a great genre of music to play during the day. Here are some popular disco songs that you can use for your playlist; “Stayin’ Alive,” “Night Fever” by The Bee Gees, and “Love To Love You Baby.” In addition, if you’re going all out with 70s decorations then put on any song from Saturday Night Fever or Grease because these tunes have been ingrained in our culture since their release decades ago.

Listening to a variety of songs from the 70’s is just one way to really get into the spirit! Whether you’re hosting a party at home or going out on your own disco decade endeavor, here are some suggestions for what type of tunes will be perfect for this theme – ABBA (Gold), Fleetwood Mac (Rumours) – the list goes on forever!

70s Day Clothing

Are you looking for the perfect dress to wear on 70s Day? Then go retro with a little boogie woogie bugle boy skirt and shirt ensemble. Or, if you want to be more conservative then keep it simple in jeans and bell bottoms!

It’s fun for all ages when 70s day is taken seriously by adults and children alike – but we know that not everyone will have a full-fledged theme going at school or work. That doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to reflect that same lack of effort though; instead opt for some comfy clothes like slacks or corduroys mixed together with an oversized t-shirt (always popular) as well as those iconic wide leg pants from back in the day.

70s Day Games and Activities

– Games can include limbo contests where people have to dance under hula hoops hung in different heights, pass around an inflatable ball that has “which comes first” written all over it with challenges about things coming before others like “a chicken comes before a egg”.

– Other ideas for games include playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where each person must guess how they fit into the world according to six degrees – so see who has ever acted along side John Travolta (or Kevin Bacon) and who has never acted.

– Still more ideas for games at 70s Day include — Simon Say and Twister with two colors rather than four choices. Other games can be played too! A scavenger hunt would work well in this celebration.

70s Day Food

Food is another great way to celebrate. Think grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit cups with gelatin and bananas, hamburgers on buns with pickles. Serve up some of your favorite dishes from the decade like pineapple juice or even an avocado!

It’s always easy to find 70s themed foods at the grocery store or local farmer’s market; just make sure you have a well stocked fridge! Try making some fried eggs with bacon for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch, eggplant parmigiana as an appetizer before dinner (the quintessential Italian dish), or chocolate brownies for dessert!

Other Ideas for 70s Day at School

– Other aspects of the party that can be included are theme specific clothing (which is really not hard to come by if you’re doing it right!), games like bobbing apple where people drink red punch in order to smash apples on top their heads without using their hands, movies from this decade like The Godfather and Jaws, or TV shows such as Happy Days.

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