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Famous 80s Couples: More than Bill and Ted?

Do you remember those hot, hip famous 80s couples who were going to live forever and rule the world, all the while leading the way into a cool new future? Well, they’re old now. Or dead. Or broken up. Or all of the above. But these dynamic duos from the big-hair decade really did change the world, for better or worse. Which power couple was your favorite?

Charles and Diana

Charles and Diana became the darlings of the world with their royal romance and fairytale wedding in 1981. The two seemed to have the perfect life, what with their famous friends and official titles. The royal dream had turned into a nightmare when Charles and Diana divorced after he admitted to having an affair.

The famous couple had two children together: Prince William and Prince Harry, both of whom are now married with children.

Luke and Laura

At about the same time the Charles and Lady Di were captivating the world with their romance, Luke and Laura were turning America upside down with their own love story on General Hospital.

Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) came to America from Rome and fell in love with Laura (Genie Francis), the girl next door who was engaged to his brother. The two fought for their love against all odds until they finally got together at a famous television event called “The Wedding”.

Over the years, Luke and Laura endured just about every famous soap opera plot imaginable.

They had a brief separation when Laura was thought to be dead and Luke went off the rails and got involved with drugs, alcohol, and even became an international fugitive.

But their love never died — for good, at least — as they overcame every obstacle thrown at them to become one of TVs original power couples.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis met at a Hollywood party in 1949. They were both famous actors at the time, but Ronald would soon enough begin his transition into politics, a move that would ultimately change America forever.

Reagan’s famous optimistic “morning in America” speech has long been credited as a major factor in his landslide victory over President Jimmy Carter in 1976.

During Ronald’s Presidency from 1980 through 1988, the Reagans’ famous partnership and romance were on full display for the world to see.

As first lady, Nancy Reagan was famous for her style and grace. She also spearheaded the “Just Say No” drug awareness campaign, among many other things.

Nancy called Ronald “the greatest man I ever knew.”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore met at the premiere party for a film called, “Stakeout” in 1987 and were married by the end of they year.

The couple had three daughters – Rumer (born 1988), Scout LaRue (1991) and Tallulah Belle (1994). They divorced in 2000 after nearly 13 years of marriage.

Together, they became a real-life Hollywood power couple, one of the most glamorous duos in the biz.

Madonna and Sean Penn

Madonna met actor Sean Penn in 1984 while recording the video for her second hit song, “Material Girl.” They were married by 1985, but divorced in 1989, with Madonna citing irreconcilable differences.

Theirs was a rocky and relatively short union, but one that lit up Hollywood and helped build both Madonna’s and Penn’s stars.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

This is a case of an on-screen romance that spilled out into real life.

Fox’s TV wife, Tracy Pollan played his love interest, Ellen, on the hit show “Family Ties.” They were married in 1988 and have four children together.

In recent years, Pollan has helped Fox deal with debilitating disease, and his struggles with Parkinson’s have become one of Hollywood’s more heartbreaking ongoing personal sagas.

Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith

They were married in 1989, and are the parents to three daughters.

Johnson is famous for his role as Sonny Crockett on “Miami Vice.” Griffith was a famous model before becoming an actress, gaining fame in the lead role of “Working Girl” in 1988.

The couple originally met when Griffith was a teenager and had a short marriage that lasted less than a year (1976) before famously reconciling in the 1980s.

Their second go-round resulted in another marriage, running from 1989 through 1996.

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