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Who Is the Author of ‘Hardy Boys’ Books?

Franklin W. Dixon is credited as the author of the “Hardy Boys” series of children’s mystery books. However, Dixon is a pen name, with many accomplished authors having contributed to the books under that pseudonym over the years.

Among writers who have contributed to the series since its debut in 1927 are …

Edward Stratemeyer

Stratemeyer created the series back in 1926, under the auspices of his Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Edna Stratemeyer Squier

Squier, who was Stratemeyer’s daughter and a prolific children’s author in her own right, helped with plot outlines almost from the outset.

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams 

Adams, who was also Stratemeyer’s daughter, began contributing in 1934.

Outside of Stratemeyer’s family, other authors who wrote under the Franklin W. Dixon pen name or contributed plot elements were …

Vincent Buranelli

James Duncan Lawrence

Tom Mulvey

Andrew Stevson

Leslie McFarlane

John Button

William Dougherty

James Buechler

Lilo Wuenn

Anne Shultes

Alistair Hunter

Tom Mulvey

Patricia Doll

Priscilla Baker-Carr

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