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Remember These Classic 80s Star Wars Toys, Dude?

What was your favorite 80s Star Wars toy? That’s a little like asking, “what was your favorite snowmen ever?”, right? They were all great … except those few stinkers that melted before you could eat them, or the Star Wars baubles that broke before you could play with them. These classic 80s Star Wars toys, though, still have The Force flowing strong through them.

Action Fleet

The Star Wars Action Fleet series of ships and vehicles from Kenner were released in the 1980s. They were built from diecast metal, with plastic parts for detailing (like a window on an X-wing) or landing gear. There was also a line of figures that came with these toys: “The Empire Strikes Back” assortment was released in 1980, “Return of the Jedi” assortment was released in 1983.

Han Solo Hoth Outfit

The Han Solo Hoth Outfit was released in 1980. It included a jacket, pants and boots with white fur lining on the sleeves and collar, a belt with holster for an accessory weapon (clearly Luke’s pistol from “The Empire Strikes Back”). This toy is seen briefly in the beginning of “Empire” when Ben’s crew is captured and Han plays the hero.

Twin Pod Cloud Car

The Twin Pod Cloud Car from Bespin in “The Empire Strikes Back” was an unusual vehicle. Kenner’s designers created a toy that looked wind-up and less life-sized than the other Star Wars toys of the same period. The Twin Pod Cloud Car toy had two figures to play with: Bespin Guard Jek Tono Porkins, who appears in one brief sequence on Cloud City, and a Bespin Patrol Trooper. Together they patrol the skies of this “gas giant” planet at different altitudes.

Tauntaun … with open belly rescue feature!

The Tauntaun was a creature from the Hoth scenes in “The Empire Strikes Back.” Kenner’s Tauntaun toy, however, had an unusual feature: it could be opened up to reveal its guts so Luke Skywalker could remove his injured leg and place it inside.

TIE Fighter

One of the 80s’ most popular Star Wars action figures was the TIE Fighter, which was released in 1978. It had a firing missile that could be launched from its cockpit and came with an all-too-human Rebel Alliance pilot named Rad Racket (who wore the blue uniform of the Rebellion).

X-Wing Fighter

The X-Wing Fighter included a cockpit that could be opened and closed, retractable landing gear, and red lights that served as on-wing cannons. If you had this bad boy, you were in store for hours and days and weeks and months and years of Star Wars fun!


The Landspeeder (which was released in 1978) had a brown-orange plastic body, two seats, and working suspension. This toy helped to make the Star Wars universe feel like a living one full of depth and detail!

Imperial Troop Transport

This Imperial troop transport vehicle came with an opening front hatch that made it easy to move troops and supplies.

Battle of Hoth

The Battle Of Hoth was a ground-breaking toy release in 1984, which allowed kids the chance to play out all sorts of exciting battles with their Star Wars toys!

Ewok Village Set

Released in 1983, this Ewok village set comes with a little house, trees, bridge and three Ewoks – one of which is Chief Chirpa.

Millennium Falcon

Kenner released their Millennium Falcon toy in 1979 with an astounding 13 points of articulation: it had rotating guns at both ends, a retractable cockpit that could be opened and closed, two removable laser cannons on the top and bottom of the ship, plus buttons to activate both hyperdrive mode (which lit up) and attack mode (which moved lasers in front).

Novelty Light Saber

The toy light saber is one of those 80s toys that was both an iconic figure of the 80s and a staple for any self-respecting Jedi. You probably had one yourself, even if you didn’t have much luck in using it against Darth Vader or Obi Wan Kenobi when they “happened” to show up at your house.

The light saber toy is composed of a plastic hilt that contains batteries and electronics, as well as the blade which is made of polycarbonate. The toy took two AA-type batteries that were inserted into the back handle of the saber to power it up.

The light saber’s sound effects could be turned on or off by pressing what was known as “ruby red” on the hilt. When turned on, the toy would emit a beep and then make lightsaber sounds like “whoosh-hisssh” as you waved it around to duel with your friends or family members.

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