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Aunt Eloise Drew: Caught in the “Act”

Aunt Eloise Drew is a character from the Nancy Drew mystery series. She is the aunt of the main character, Nancy Drew, and plays a significant role in many of the stories.

Eloise is the only sibling of Nancy’s father, Carson Drew. Brother and sister regularly team up in their own ways to help Nancy solve her numerous mysteries.

Aunt Eloise is described as a kind and caring woman who is always there to support and guide Nancy. She is a retired actress and often uses her connections in the entertainment industry to help Nancy with her cases.

One of the most memorable moments involving Aunt Eloise is in the story “The Secret of the Old Clock,” where she helps Nancy solve the mystery of a missing will. She uses her acting skills to disguise herself as an old woman and gather information from a suspicious character.

Aunt Eloise is also known for her love of literature and often encourages Nancy to read classic works. She even owns a bookstore in River Heights, which becomes a regular hangout for Nancy and her friends.

In addition to her intelligence and resourcefulness, Aunt Eloise is also a loving and supportive guardian for Nancy. She is always there to offer advice and a listening ear, and her presence is a constant source of comfort for Nancy as she navigates the challenges of teenage life and solving mysteries.

Overall, Aunt Eloise Drew is a beloved character in the Nancy Drew series, and her contributions to the stories and to Nancy’s life are an integral part of the series.

Though Eloise has seldom appeared in screen versions of Nancy Drew, plenty of fans have their opinions about who could play the role (hint: Tina Fey).

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