The 6 Most Cat’s Meow Jake Ryan Scenes from Sixteen Candles

When Sixteen Candles came out in 1984 who knew it would become a cult classic that mirrored life as a teen in the 1980s? The movie had everything that made the 80s a delicious time to be young.

And Molly Ringwald as Samantha exemplified how it felt to be an all-american 80s teen on the cusp of adulthood. The parties, the music, school dances, your friends, being trapped at school, families, and boys. It was all so overwhelming in an out of control good way though.

Let’s talk about the boy. Jake Ryan, good guy or bad? Maybe both. There is no reason to believe that boys had everything figured out in the 80s. Heck they wore eyeliner to school, there was no smooth sailing for them either.

So, Jake, complicated or superficial as he was, decided, like many young people do, to breakup with his girl and go after another. Very typical of high school, I think. Well, the movie plays out to the best kiss scene in a teen 80’s movie, ever!

Let’s see how it goes!

Hello, Jake Ryan!

I’m not sure Jake needs much introduction but it’s always nice to see where a character starts and how boy meets girl. I think he just noticed her even though they have been in class together all year. Typical! She has probably had a crush on him since elementary school.

Oh! And, remember the spiral notebooks with the quizzes in them? And trying to figure out who had what number? And how bummed everyone was when a teacher would confiscate one. You know they went home and read them.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen…Jake.

Whoa, That Was Close!

I like this clip for many reasons but my favorite thing is how he bites his lip, in typical 80s style, to get her attention. Okay, she’s younger that you dude, she can’t process that!

Let’s see how she copes with having her dreamboat signal to her.

Jake Learns About Sam

Did you ever wonder after a wild 80s party what someone’s house might look like? No way they were ever this bad, but who has a house like this anyway? I hope he can pay a cleaning crew to get this cleaned up before his parents come home.

I know that this scene is about Jake finding out more about Sam. So let’s see what they say.

Oh Sexy Girlfriend! Bonzai!

I included this scene just because it’s funny.

She Got Married!

The ever so funny scene about Sam getting married. Married? Yes, married. How is that even possible?

Checkout Jake’s face in the clip.

Ending With That Kiss

Good thing Jake doesn’t take the Donger at his word and goes to the church to see about Sam getting married. Turns out she was a bridesmaid and not the bride. Which leads us into the best kiss finale and ending scene, ever!

Crescendo the music!!

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