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Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces Could Disguise His Personality

What was the Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces?

The Hugo was a puppet toy purported to have a thousand faces, which was produced by Kenner in the 1975. You could create all kinds of disguises on Huge to change his personality or disguise yourself in a pretend face. The easy change disguises fit both you and the puppet to create thousands of pretend friends. Ages 5-11.

What was included in the Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces box?

The puppet Hugo, wigs, eyebrows, sideburns, mustaches, goatee, eye patch, eye glasses, eyes, noses, chins, mask, fangs, scars, warts, head bandage, glue sticks and instructions. Extra non-toxic glue sticks could be purchased from Kenner Products.

Is the Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces puppet considered collectible today?

The Hugo puppet is considered collectible, although the value would depend on condition. It is difficult to find a complete set with Hugo, all the disguise accessories, and box in good condition. As a result, they tend to be sought after by nostalgia collectors. New in box and not played with can run about $350, then the price goes down from there depending on parts are available. In some cases it’s just the puppet, or box, or some accessories.

Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces

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