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Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces Could Disguise His Personality

What was the Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces?

The Hugo was a puppet toy purported to have a thousand faces, which was produced by Kenner in the 1975. You could create all kinds of disguises on Hugo to change his personality or disguise yourself in a pretend face. The easy change disguises fit both you and the puppet to create thousands of pretend friends. Ages 5-11.

What was included in the Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces box?

The puppet Hugo, wigs, eyebrows, sideburns, mustaches, goatee, eye patch, eye glasses, eyes, noses, chins, mask, fangs, scars, warts, head bandage, glue sticks and instructions. Extra non-toxic glue sticks could be purchased from Kenner Products.

Is the Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces puppet considered collectible today?

The Hugo puppet is considered collectible, although the value would depend on condition. It is difficult to find a complete set with Hugo, all the disguise accessories, and box in good condition. As a result, they tend to be sought after by nostalgia collectors. New in box and not played with can run about $350, then the price goes down from there depending on parts are available. In some cases it’s just the puppet, or box, or some accessories.

Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces

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Here is some other information you might want to know about Hugo…

Hugo: The Man of A Thousand Faces

Hugo the puppet is known for being a master of disguise. With his customizable paper face masks and wig, Hugo can transform into literally a thousand different characters. He’s not just one man, he’s a man of a thousand faces ready for imaginative roleplay.

Easy Disguises For Endless Fun

One of the great things about Hugo puppets is how easy they make disguises. The paper face masks slip on and off with no fuss. Hugo’s wig is made of yarn and fits right over the puppet head. Kids can quickly create new characters, changing Hugo from a pirate to a clown to a knight in just seconds.

A Classic Toy With Timeless Appeal

Hugo the man of a thousand faces puppet has been a beloved toy since the 1960s. Even in today’s high-tech toy market, Hugo remains appealing. There’s just something special about using your imagination to transform a simple puppet into whatever you please. Hugo encourages creativity and self-expression in a hands-on way.

Where To Find Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces Today

Vintage Hugo puppets can still be found online through sites like eBay. New reproductions of Hugo are also available from nostalgic toy makers. The classic Hugo design lives on, ready to bring creative disguises to a new generation. Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces remains a one-of-a-kind toy.

Hugo’s Legacy of Imaginative Play

While toys come and go, Hugo the man of a thousand faces has stood the test of time. For over 50 years, this puppet has sparked children’s imaginations and inspired pretend play. With his simple but clever design, Hugo proves a few pieces of yarn and paper can unlock a world of make-believe. Hugo truly is a master of disguise!

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