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90s Batman Toys: Dark Superstars of the Playground

In the 1990s, Batman took a major step up the star-power ladder thanks to big names like Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson taking on major roles in movies surrounding the Caped Crusader’s exploits. Not surprisingly, 90s Batman toys kept the renaissance going and brought Dark Knight playtime to a whole new generation of kids. How many of these classics do YOU remember?

Kenner Batman Action Figures

As they did with Star Wars, Kenner was ready, willing, and able to capitalize on the Batman frenzy that erupted thanks to the popularity of the 1989 film. Batman action figures were released to coincide with the movie’s release, and they kicked off a toy line that ran from here to eternity.

The basic soup of the day, of course, were the Batman action figures. Kenner even released a couple of Batman and Joker figures from the Tim Burton film. These two-packs were timed to hit stores in time for Christmas, just after the movie’s debut.

The lineup of action figures included:

  • Batman
  • Robin
  • The Penguin
  • The Joker
  • Batmobile Driver
  • Joker’s Henchman (with pistol)
  • Mr. Freeze with Batarang Gun

And many more!

Arctic Batman

Of course, Kenner didn’t stop with just plain, boring, vanilla Batman action figures.

No way!

Case in point, this particular 90s Batman toy was called “Arctic Batman.”

As you might imagine from the name, Arctic Batman comes girded for cold temperatures with white armor and a massive helmet. Not to mention a huge blaster gun to help him fend off the villains of Gotham City … or, like, the North Pole.

Toy Biz Batmobile

This vehicle, made in conjunction with the 1989 movie, is a pretty apt representation of the iconic Batmobile from the movie.

The toy’s design is a combination of the original Batmobile from TV and comics, but with some 90s styling.

It has an open top for easy playtime access, as well as two concealed bat-missile launchers on the sides.

Toy Biz Batwing

Remember when Bruce Wayne arose from the darkness to hover over Gotham City in his brand new bat-wing-plane-thing-aircraft?

Yeah, that was super cool.

So Toy Biz decided not to rest on the laurels of having produced a movie-worthy version of the Batmobile. Nope, they also took to the air to offer up this snazzy Batwing vehicle.

It doesn’t just fly, either (support hand not included). No, it also features scissor action so that Batman can, uh, cut things up (?).

Toy Biz Batman Action Figure

No surprise here, right?

I mean, you can’t very well crank out a series of Bat-machines without also providing the driver for said Bat-machines … right?


And so Toy Biz took on THE icon of the whole franchise and cranked out a Batman action figure of their own.

It took them a few tries to get things just the way they wanted them, though, so today you can find, like, four different versions of the Dark Night’s face.

Heck, you could build a whole collection just around all these variations!

They all have the familiar fake chest and abs, though, all supported by that amazing utility belt with a wrench-thing for a buckle.

Piranha Blade Batman

Not all of the great/weird Batman toys from the 1990s were associated with the iconic film series.

Take this baby, for example.

The Piranha Blade Batman action figure debuted in 1995, part of the promotion around Batman: The Animated Series.

This interesting entry from Kenner featured a backpack that transformed into a shield, apparently meant to protect the Dark Night from water-born enemies, judging by the “piranha” hunk of the moniker.

Slalom Racer Batman

Another oddball Batman action figure, Slalom Racer was born of the The New Batman Adventures series, which found Batman and Robin in constant conflict with Mr. Freeze.

So, the Slalom bit makes sense, as Batman would gain a significant advantage by being able to race down a mountain … I guess.

Still — sort of a weird look.

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