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1970s Matchbox Cars in Action … 11 Droolworthy Videos

If you were a boy in the 1970s, chances are pretty good Matchbox cars were a staple of your childhood.

Whether you were plowing them through the shag carpet or racing them down the sidewalk or crashing them up, derby style, on the playground, Matchbox fueled your imagination and helped you fill in your days.

1970s matchbox cars

And, though it may have been a while since you’ve event thought about these little pocket rockets, I can guarantee you the juices will start flowing and those old feelings will come back in an instant the next time you lay your eyes (or hands) on one.

Don’t believe me?

Well, then, check out these videos of other “kids” and their Matchbox cars and then just try and fight off the urge to build a book ramp in your bedroom.

Matchbox Cars from the 1970s

Bobot’s Trains and Maker Zone devotes a lot of his channel space to (surprise!) toy trains, but in this one, he details a plateful of Matchbox cars.

Remember the bouncy suspension and real doors that open?

Yeah, that’s all here …

Rediscovering my childhood Matchbox cars from the 1970’s – A 1970’s Nostalgia Video

The title pretty much says it all here, as Gum Rubber Films runs through a cache of old Matchbox cars he found during a move.

He’s even got one of those sweet blue cases, and shows it in action!

Old / Vintage MATCHBOX Car Collection in detail

This is a longer video than most on this list, as the folks from Next Level Toys treat us to detailed and up-close looks at a whole collection of Matchbox toys.

This vid also comes complete with experts in the comments section making vital corrections to the narrations — “that’s a bus not a van.”

Matchbox Superfast Boxes 1-75

These particular Matchbox cars weren’t just fast … they were Superfast!

And Mr. Car Fool has the complete run of car boxes, spanning 1969 through 1982.

MATCHBOX 1970’S -80’S- EARLY 90’S

If you like techno-dance music with your Matchbox cars, watchnu2 has you covered.

Lots of dramatic shots of everything from trucks to Jeeps to muscle cars … an everything in between.

A warning, though — you may not be glamorous enough to watch this vid.


What do you get when you combine a popular YouTube video type with tiny vintage die-cast metal cars?

Right … Matchbox unboxing video! Straight from the creative labs of All Things 80s …

Classic Toys: The History of Matchbox Cars

If you want a (very) brief history of Matchbox, check out this clip of a 1997 Discovery Channel special narrated by Daniel Stern.

Just enough to make you want more …

Matchbox Cars Collector’s Catalog 1970 Edition ~ Advertising Booklet ~ Toy-Addict

There was no internet in the 1970s, as far as I was concerned.

So you had to get your toy titillation where you could — TV commercials to wet the wick, and then toy catalogs to help you formulate your plan — for Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Here, Toy-Addict walks us through the 1970 Matchbox catalog.

Dear Santa — it would be really groovy if …

Abriendo | Unboxing 1970´s vintage Matchbox´s diecast cars from Ebay

Lest you think Matchbox is just an anglo-American phenomenon, Luciano Avila brings you this abriendo vid.

These cars look just as fun en Español as they do in English, let me tell you.

Car Wrecks made Good ,1970s Matchbox Cars on Matchbox Motorway

You didn’t just look at your Matchbox cars, right? You played with them, crashed them up, generally made all sorts of believe with them.


Same for Diecast Movies.

Enjoy some beat-up Matchbox beauties in their starring roles.

Old ‘Matchbox’ Cars. Which one’s do you got?

This one is just pure eye candy, with scads and piles and heaps of old Matchbox cars.

If this D-Rocks entry doesn’t get your 1970s engine vrooming, you might want to check your pulse.

Classic Matchbox Toy Car Commercial 1979

We finish up by going right to the source, with this 1979 Matchbox commercial offered up by Televisionarchives.

How many whining-gotta-have-it sessions do you think this baby spawned??

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