5 Matchbox Cars Databases to Get Your Engine Revving

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self — I really need a good Matchbox cars database!”?

If you haven’t then maybe …

1) You’re not much of a Matchbox fan

2) You’re content with what you know about Matchbox cars or with the models you have on hand.

… AND/OR …

3) You’re not familiar with the enormity of the Matchbox universe. (Hint: It’s more than just a tiny General Lee.)

But, by almost any reckoning, there are thousands and thousands of different Matchbox models out there, so if you ever find yourself trying to put together a run of certain cars or filling in a slot in a collector’s (or child’s) wish list, you’re going to need some help distilling it all down.

And that’s where it would be handy to have a Matchbox cars database at your fingertips … don’t you think?

I do, so I want searching. And here are the places on the internet I found that can help in that quest. They’re not all technically Matchbox databases, but they all have scads of categorized info about the little diecast cars that helped make our childhoods so fun.

Let’s get our started. Vrooom!!

Matchbox University

This site began as a way for one hobbyist to catalog his own Matchbox collection and then grew into an amazing resource for anyone looking to track down information about our four-wheeled Lesney/Mattel friends.

Here, you can search or browse through tons of different MB models, and this one actually is backed by a full-blown relational database. That means you (or Duane, at least) can do things with it some of the other sites on this list won’t allow.

Alas, Matchbox University is scheduled to shut down after 2020, though the plan seems to be to leave it in place for awhile to let collectors pull any last info they need.

So … get there and get cracking while it’s still alive an kicking!

Check out the website here.

Matchbox Cars Wiki (on Fandom.com)

Fandom.com provides a place for fans (duh) of all sorts of things to gather and share information about the stuff they love.

Matchbox cars are no different, and the crowd of diecast collectors has sourced more than 2000 pages (so far!) about their hobby.

Probably the most valuable among all of those are the Lists of Matchbox by Year pages that break down all of the models available, beginning when Lesney Products rolled out those first Massey-Harris tractors back in 1953 and continuing on through today.

Check out the website here.

Little Wheels Museum

As you might guess from the name, the Little Wheels Museum is a site dedicated to the diecast cars of the last century or so, run by collector and dealer Andrew Wood.

He maintains (and builds on) an extensive photo collection of cars that has passed through his hands over the years and has them organized for easy browing.

You can find the top-level Matchbox page here.

Matchbox 1-75.com

Another collector-run site, this one focuses on the Matchbox 1-75 series sold in the United Kingdom starting in 1969 (Lesney) on through to more modern editions from 1992 (Tyco) and 1997 forward (Mattel).

The database portion of this site consists of year-by-year listings with images and links out to other resources.

Check out the website here.


This may be an uninspiring site name, but the Matchbox Database has an ambitious goal:

The aim of this site is to list all the variations of ‘modern’ Matchbox cars (all those with manufacturing numbers). 

To date, they’ve compiled listings for just over 1000 models, with pictures to accompany most of them.

Check out the website here.

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