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What is Jenga?

Jenga is a classic board game that consists of a tower of wooden blocks that players take turns removing and stacking on top, without causing the tower to topple.

How many players can play Jenga?

Jenga can be played with two or more players.

How many blocks come in a Jenga set?

A standard Jenga set comes with 54 wooden blocks.

How tall is the Jenga tower supposed to be?

The Jenga tower should be built to 18 levels, each level consisting of three blocks placed next to each other along their long side, and perpendicular to the previous level.

Are there any variations of the Jenga game?

Yes, there are various versions of the game Jenga that include different sized blocks, blocks with different colors, or even blocks with different instructions printed on them.

How do you decide who goes first in Jenga?

Players can decide who goes first in Jenga by rolling a die, drawing a name from a hat, or using any other method of random selection.

Can you only remove blocks from the bottom layers of the tower in Jenga?

No, in Jenga players can remove blocks from any level of the tower as long as they follow the rule of only removing one block at a time.

Can you touch more than one block at a time in Jenga?

No, in Jenga players can only touch one block at a time with one hand, and they must release the block before they touch another one.

Are there any special rules for stacking blocks on top of the tower in Jenga?

Yes, in Jenga players must place the block they remove back on top of the tower, and they must make sure that the block is fully supported by at least three blocks underneath it.

Can players talk or strategize during a game of Jenga?

Yes, in Jenga players can talk and strategize during the game as long as they do not touch the tower or blocks while doing so.

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