The Mystery of the Hardy Boys Cast: Who Played Who?

The Hardy Boys were the most popular detective duo in children’s literature for many years. The two brothers, Frank and Joe, solved mysteries together all over their hometown of Bayport in books for decades before taking on TV from 1977 to 1979 on ABC, right alongside fellow teen sleuth Nancy Drew. And, like the characters themselves, the Hardy Boys cast was jam-packed with familiar and popular faces (and names!).

Here is the complete rundown …

Frank Hardy, played by Parker Stevenson

Frank is the oldest of the two brothers. He is pretty laid-back most of the time, but he gets angry when people or animals are hurt by criminals (especially if it’s a dog).

Stevenson has continued to act in movies and on TV in the decades since the Hardy Boys show ended.

Joe Hardy, played by Shaun Cassidy

Joe is the younger Hardy and not as laid-back, but just as smart. He sometimes gets so excited about solving a mystery that he can’t sleep for days!

Cassidy has TV credits on The Partridge Family (1970s) and appeared in several Disney Channel productions including variety show Kids Incorporated (1984-1989) and the original TV movie, The T.J. Hooker (1986).

Fenton Hardy, played by Ed Gilbert

Fenton is the father of Frank and Joe. He’s also a retired detective who often helps his sons with their cases (even though they don’t always let him).

Gilbert died in 1999 after a long and distinguished career stretching back to the early 1960s.

Aunt Gertrude Morton, played by Edith Atwater

Gertrude is the aunt of Frank and Joe, and Fenton’s sister. She’s a housewife who often gets involved in their cases as well.

Atwater died in 1986 after appearing on many TV series throughout her career including Bewitched (1964), Bonanza (1965-1967) and The Flying Nun (1967).

Chief Ezra Collig, played by Herb Voland

Chief Collig is the head of police in Bayport. He often works with Fenton to solve mysteries, and helps out his sons when they’re on a case.

Voland died in 1981 after appearing on many TV shows and films in a career that began in the early 1950s.

Nancy Drew, played by Pamela Sue Martin

Nancy Drew is the hardy boys’ friend and a sleuth herself. She often helps out on cases, even if she doesn’t have much to do with them.

Martin started her career in 1965 with an appearance on The Beverly Hillbillies, then made appearances on many other TV shows.

Callie Shaw, played by Lisa Eilbacher

Callie Shaw is Frank Hardy’s girlfriend and often lends a hand when the boys need a female’s perspective.

Eilbacher made several appearances in film and on TV through the mid 1990s.

Chet Morton, played by Gary Springer

Chet Morton is the hardys’ best friend. He helps out when he can, but tends to be a bit bumbling at times.

Springer is best known for his role in the TV show Gilligan’s Island.

Ned Nickerson, played by George O’Hanlon Jr.

Ned Nickerson is a good friend of the hardy boys and often helps them out on cases.

O’Hanlon Jr. has continued to act on occasion, most recently appearing on Battleship in 2012.

Harry Hammond, played by Jack Kelly

Harry works for the FBI and recruits the Hardy Boys to help out on certain cases.

Kelly, who died in 1982, is best known for his role in the TV show Maverick, and got his start in acting way back in 1939.

Carson Drew, played by William Schallert

Carson is Nancy Drew’s father, a lawyer who was quick to lend a hand on cases and might even slip on the ol’ sleuthing hat himself from time to time.

Schallert has since passed away (in 2016) but is best known for his roles in the TV show The Patty Duke Show and Star Trek.

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